scholarships for veterans children

The AFAS Education Grant scholarships for veterans children Program is the heart of AFAS’ education support. Arnold Education Grant application process is the foundation for many other education support opportunities at Society.

The Hap Arnold Education Grant has a competitive selection process based on needs and is specifically tailored to consider family income and education costs.

Air Force dependents are eligible for grants ranging from $500 up to $4,000 each year. The amount given corresponds to the student’s financial needs.

This program is unique in that each grant received carries the name and biographical information of the recipient. See a full listing of named Arnold Education Grants.

scholarships for veterans children
scholarships for veterans children

Requirement For AFAS ( scholarships for veterans children)

Programs For Family Members

Military Spouse

Military Child

Surviving Spouse

Surviving a Child

Career Phase

Active Duty or Deployed

Retired Military

VA Disability Rating Requirement

100% Disabled Vet



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