Apply Now: CQUniCares Emergency Grant 2024

by Adanlawo Opeyemi
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The Central Queensland University: CQUniCares Emergency Grant 2024 is a valuable opportunity offered for Bachelor’s, Master’s, Training, and short courses degrees across various subjects the university provides. This scholarship presents a lifeline for students who may encounter unexpected financial difficulties or face unforeseen circumstances that could hinder their academic journey. The grant aims to support low-income students needing help with unanticipated financial challenges that could otherwise jeopardize their educational progress.

Students eligible for the CQUniCares Emergency Grant are Australian Citizens, Permanent Residents, Permanent Humanitarian Visa holders, and New Zealand Citizens. The value of this scholarship is partial funding, and the specific amount varies depending on individual circumstances. The deadline for submitting this scholarship application is 30 December 2024, providing interested students ample time to prepare and submit their applications for consideration.

This initiative by Central Queensland University (CQU) reflects the institution’s commitment to ensuring that financial obstacles do not impede deserving students from pursuing and completing their education. By offering this support, CQU aims to empower students facing financial hardships to continue their educational journey with confidence and focus, knowing they have a support system to help them overcome challenges and achieve their academic goals.

Eligibility for Central Queensland University – CQUniCares Emergency Grant 2024

  • Demonstrated Need for Financial Support: The applicant must genuinely need immediate financial assistance due to unforeseen events or emergencies that could significantly impact their academic progress. This criterion ensures the grant is directed towards students facing urgent financial challenges.
  • Enrollment in Eligible Programs: Applicants must be enrolled in and actively pursuing one of the following programs: Pathway Enabling/CQUniversity Certificate (I–IV) or an undergraduate or graduate program. This requirement ensures that the grant supports students across various educational levels within the university.
  • Completion of at least one Semester: Candidates must have completed at least one semester at CQUniversity. This criterion demonstrates the applicant’s commitment to their studies and academic progress at the institution.
  • Exclusion of Cross-Institutional Students: Cross-institutional students whose home institution is not CQUniversity are not eligible to apply for this grant. This criterion ensures that the grant specifically targets CQUniversity students facing financial challenges.
  • Citizenship or Visa Status: Eligible candidates must be citizens of Australia or New Zealand, permanent residents, or holders of a humanitarian visa with a fixed address in Australia. This requirement ensures the grant is accessible to individuals with legal residency in Australia or New Zealand.
  • No Previous Grant within 12 Months: Applicants must not have received a CQUniCares Emergency Grant within the last 12 months. This criterion ensures fairness and allows for a broader grant distribution among eligible applicants.
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Application Process For CQUniCares Emergency Grant 2024

  1. Complete the Grant Application Form: The first step in applying for the CQUniCares Emergency Grant is to fill out the application form. This form requires you to provide essential personal and academic information and details about your unforeseen emergency or financial hardship.
  2. Write a Personal Statement: Along with the grant application form, you must submit a personal statement explaining the nature of your unforeseen emergency. This statement should clearly articulate your challenges and how receiving the grant would alleviate these challenges and support your academic progress.
  3. Gather Supporting Documentation: As specified on the application form, gather all necessary supporting documentation that validates your need for financial assistance. This may include financial statements, medical reports (if applicable), proof of enrollment at CQUniversity, and other relevant documents supporting your application.
  4. Attach Supporting Materials: Ensure all supporting documentation is correctly filled out, signed, and attached to your grant application. Review the application form guidelines to ensure you have included all required materials before submission.
  5. Submit Your Application: Once you have completed the grant application form, writing your statement, and gathered all supporting documentation, you can submit your application. Send an email to [email protected] addressed to the Student Scholarships Team. Attach your completed application form and all supporting materials in the email.
  6. Confirmation and Review: After submitting your application, you will receive confirmation of receipt from the Student Scholarships Team. Your application will then undergo a thorough review process to assess your eligibility and the merit of your application based on the provided information and supporting documents.
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Following these steps carefully and ensuring that all required materials are included in your application will increase your chances of being considered for the Central Queensland University—CQUniCares Emergency Grant 2024.


In conclusion, the Central Queensland University – CQUniCares Emergency Grant 2024 offers vital support to students facing unforeseen financial challenges that could hinder their academic progress. Eligible students can seek assistance to overcome these obstacles through a structured application process that includes completing the grant application form, providing a personal statement explaining the emergency, and submitting all necessary supporting documentation. By adhering to the eligibility criteria and application guidelines, applicants can access the necessary financial aid to continue their education at CQUniversity.

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