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Google Ad Grants show your message to people searching for organizations similar to yours. Get donors to donate, increase awareness of your organization and get volunteers involved with in-kind advertisements via Google Search. Ad Grants give you access to up to $10,000 in monthly in-kind advertisements for text-based ads.

Imagine what you can do with $10,000 in in-kind ads per month with Google Ads, which is an online advertising platform provided by Google. You could recruit more volunteers. Attract more donations. Also, share your story with viewers across the world. This is all possible thanks to the Google Ad Grants.

About Google Ad Grants

Imagine Google Ad Grant as as your charity’s secret weapon. You can utilize it to provide essential updates to your donors, spread your message, be highly ranked on Google, and many more. Maybe you’ve heard of Google Ad Grant, or perhaps this is the first time you’ve heard of the name. Don’t fret because you will not be left out, whatever the case.

Simply put, the Google Ad Grant provides approved charities with $10,000 in advertising credits per month to use on advertisements displayed in Google search results. Sheryl Sandberg, the current chief executive officer of Facebook, founded the program to give charities a chance to reach new audiences on the internet and increase the impact they have across the globe.

Have you ever entered something into Google and noticed the advertisements displayed at the upper right of the page? Let’s take an example. You’re looking to buy soccer cleats, and you perform a search using Google. There are likely ads from brands such as Nike, Adidas, and others on the front page.

These companies buy the ad space since they know that you’re looking for soccer cleats; therefore, if they appear high in your search results, it is more likely that you will buy a pair from them. If you see a pair of Adidas cleats catches your eye and you click on their advertisement, the retailer will pay Google for the click. For Adidas, the cost of advertising is worth it since they might make an opportunity to sell.

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Google Ad Grant Google Ad Grant does a similar process. It lets you place your ads on high-ranking spots. Imagine, for instance, that you’re an animal rescue group with dogs to be adopted.

You could promote your services to people in your geographical region looking for dog adoptions or maybe other queries regarding dogs, such as “Are puppy mills a bad thing?” Your ads will be displayed when people search for these terms, and when they click them, they’ll be directed to your website.

With help from Google Ad Grant, your nonprofit’s website can be ranked highly on Google without paying one cent. Simply put, Google pays for the clicks it receives from your advertising spots. 

You can “spend” up to $10,000 per month to get these clicks. Based on the number of people looking for the information you offer, you could get in front of many people for free with this program called the Google Ad Grant. It’s an excellent program, and we believe it is one of the few under-utilized tools that nonprofit organizations currently have.

Google Ad Grant Google Ad Grant draws people to your site and motivates them to take action once they are there.

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  • You’ll get 10,000 USD (up to $40,000 in the case of Grantspro Participants) in In-kind Google Ads advertising each month.
  • It was created to help you succeed.
  • The more your advertisements appear in Google results, The more people will know about your cause. This can lead to more donations and volunteers -which is the lifeblood of any nonprofit.
  • Search for yourself. Make contact with those who are most important to you.
    • Google Ad Grants expose your ads on search results to users using Google to find nonprofits similar to yours. This allows you to reach out to people who were unaware of your mission. It allows you to spread your message to the world and focus on those close to your home. Through Google Ad Grants, you’re always in control.
  • Donations to Drive: Allow the contributions to flow.
    • Google Ad Grants make it easier for people to contribute to your project. The easier it is for them to donate, the more likely they’ll.
  • Find What’s Working: More insight to create more innovative ads.
    • When your ads are in place, you can utilize Google Analytics or conversion tracking to determine how well your ads perform. What are the most effective keywords? Which advertisements are driving donations or encouraging volunteers? Find the answer to this question, plus many more.
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What can you do to determine whether your nonprofit organization is qualified to apply for this grant? Google Ad Grant? This is a brief list to help you figure out if your organization qualifies for the following:

  • The applicant must be registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization within the United States or hold similar status in one of the 50 countries included in the list. Find out which countries are currently allowed to apply below.
  • Your company should not be an educational institution, a hospital and college, or a government-owned institution. However, the philanthropic arm of educational institutions could be suitable.
  • It is essential to have a top-quality website that meets the requirements set out in this. Your site should run on your website ( e.g., “ournonprofit.org,” not “ournonprofit.weebly.com”).
  • If you’re seeking Google Grant for the first time, your site must be equipped with an SSL certificate (which means the lock icon is displayed in the navigation bar of Google Chrome). If you find “not secure” on your website’s URL within Chrome, SSL isn’t installed, or there’s an issue with your configuration.
  • You must accept the terms of service applicable to Google for Nonprofits and Google Ads.

Which countries are eligible?

Google’s service to support Nonprofits has been made available to Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana, Pakistan, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Malta, Cyprus, Iceland, and Ecuador.

Other countries are Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, Botswana, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary Iceland, India Indonesia, Ireland Italy, Israel Japan Kenya Korea Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Macau Malaysia Malta Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Nigeria Norway Pakistan Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Puerto Rico Romania Russia Serbia Singapore Slovakia Slovenia South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Tanzania Thailand Turkey Ukraine United Kingdom (including England & Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland) United States of America Vietnam.

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How to apply for Google Ad Grants Non-Profit Organizations

Request an account with Google for Nonprofits

To request the Google for Nonprofits account, You’ll have to sign up for your organization with TechSoup. They manage the nonprofit verification procedure for our program.

If you’re currently not registered, you’ll be able to sign up once you’ve started requesting Google for Nonprofits accounts.

If you’re registered already with TechSoup, You’ll require a verification token to use in submitting your request.

Once we’ve confirmed your company’s ability to be eligible, you’ll then be able to activate your Google account and access the Google products that will best suit your requirements.

Log into Google and create a Google Ads account.

You can visit google Ad Grants Login after you’ve been granted Google for Nonprofits. Google For Nonprofits grant program.

  • Log into the Google for Nonprofits account.
  • Click Activate under Google Ad Grants
  • Complete the eligibility application. This test is offered by Google to ensure that your business meets eligibility criteria, to gain a more significant idea of your objectives, and to improve your Ad Grant experience.
  • After you have completed the test After completing the assessment, go back to Google for Nonprofits, and then navigate through Google Ad Grants. Click to activate again, and tick the box that says your completed eligibility questionnaire.
  • Click to activate one last time to make sure your account is reviewed.

When Google has reviewed your account, they’ll give you further instructions. Review of accounts usually takes three business days.

Our best advice? Keep at it! But here are some other suggestions:

  • If asked, select the appropriate billing country and time zone that is appropriate for your company.
  • When you’re logged into your account, which is a brand new Google Ad Grant account, ensure that you record your customer’s ID in the upper right-hand left corner (XXX-XXX-XXXX in the format).
  • Don’t input any credit card information even if it appears that the Ad Grants platform asks for it. Ignore any screens or emails that ask for payment details. If you enter this information, you’ll set up a standard paid account but not a Grant account, which means you’ll need to start all over.

Go to the official site, CLICK HERE.

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