Apply Now: Tune Libra Scholarships at Epsom College 2024

by Adanlawo Opeyemi
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The Tune Libra Scholarships at Epsom College 2024 represent a beacon of hope and opportunity for students worldwide. This prestigious scholarship program is designed to support high-achieving students in their quest for a world-class secondary education at Epsom College in Malaysia, a renowned institution known for its exemplary academic standards and holistic educational approach.

Overview of the Tune Libra Scholarships

Degree Level and Scope: The scholarships are available for High/Secondary School degrees, covering many programs Epsom College offers. The Tune Libra Scholarships are unique in that they cover up to 100% of tuition fees, making quality education accessible to those who may otherwise be unable to afford it.

Provider Details: These scholarships are generously provided by Epsom College in Malaysia, an institution celebrated for its commitment to fostering global leaders and innovators.

Application Process and Deadlines: Interested candidates should note that the deadlines for these scholarships vary. The application process is streamlined and accessible, emphasizing identifying students who demonstrate academic excellence and the potential to contribute positively to the Epsom College community and beyond.

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Eligibility and Requirements for Tune Libra Scholarships

The Tune Libra Scholarships are open to all nationals, reflecting Epsom College’s dedication to diversity and inclusion. To qualify, applicants must exhibit:

  • Exceptional Academic Record: Demonstrating a history of academic achievement is paramount. This scholarship targets those who have consistently excelled in their studies.
  • Financial Need: Applicants must demonstrate a need for financial assistance, ensuring opportunities are extended to those requiring them.
  • Leadership and Positive Attitude: Leadership experience and a positive outlook are crucial. Epsom College values students who show initiative and have the potential to be change-makers.
  • Co-Curricular Excellence: Active participation and accomplishments in co-curricular activities highlight a well-rounded character, a trait highly regarded by the scholarship committee.
  • Proficiency in English: The ability to communicate effectively in English is essential, as it is the medium of instruction at the college.

Types of Scholarships Offered

The Tune Libra Scholarships are categorized into two types, catering to different academic levels:

  • Seed Scholarship (A Levels): This category is specifically for students applying for the 2-year A-Level Programme with a September intake.
  • Branch Scholars (IGCSE & A Levels): This includes scholarships for the 2-year IGCSE program and the 2-year A-Level program, both commencing in September.

Application Methodology

Prospective applicants must complete an online application form, a crucial step in the selection process. This form is designed to assess not only the academic abilities of the candidates but also their personal qualities and potential for future success.


The Impact of the Tune Libra Scholarships

The Tune Libra Scholarships at Epsom College have a far-reaching impact. They open doors for talented students who might otherwise be unable to pursue such prestigious education. By alleviating the financial burden, these scholarships enable students to focus on their academic and personal development. Graduates of Epsom College, empowered by the Tune Libra Scholarships, go on to make significant contributions in various fields, both in Malaysia and internationally.

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Studying in Malaysia: A Hub of Educational Excellence

Malaysia has emerged as a thriving center for international education. Its multicultural environment, high academic standards, and relatively affordable cost of living make it an attractive destination for students across the globe. Epsom College, situated in this vibrant educational landscape, offers an enriching experience combining rigorous academics and diverse cultural immersion.


The Tune Libra Scholarships at Epsom College 2024 are more than just financial aid; they are a stepping stone to a world of possibilities. They nurture young minds, equip them with the skills needed for the global stage, and inspire them to achieve their full potential. These scholarships are a gateway to a brighter future for aspiring students worldwide.

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