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The bank of America Womens program to offer an online learning platform that equips business owners with the necessary skills, knowledge, and resources to create, manage and grow a profitable business and ways of getting loans for women owned business.

Women play a crucial role in promoting economic growth but face issues accessing funds and other resources. We’re here to assist women in connecting with the resources they require to create companies that will drive economic growth.

Bank of America invests in partnerships that provide women entrepreneurs with mentorship, training, and capital needed to achieve their goals. This article will detail how to apply for the Bank of America Womens program and ways of getting women owned business loans.

About Bank of America Womens Program

Women entrepreneurs can sign up for the program online, which is free. The online course was developed by professors at Cornell and covers subjects like customer discovery methods and legal aspects, funding alternatives, product development, marketing through digital channels, and communications capabilities.

Women entrepreneurs are growing in popularity and launching businesses, providing jobs and contributing to their communities, but many need to be equipped with the resources needed to grow. Nowadays, female entrepreneurs are creating and expanding their own companies at an unprecedented rate in 2017. As of 2017, the number of businesses they owned was estimated to be 11.6 million companies that employed more than 9 million workers and produced more than $1.7 trillion in annual revenue.

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The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor reported in a recent study that the difficulties female entrepreneurs face suggest that they survive in the long run; they will require assistance for both established and new enterprises, which includes the ability to coach and access capital learning and education, as well as other sources.

Although this program was created to cater specifically to women who are entrepreneurs, The Institute is aware that there could be people within the community who work with or offer services for women entrepreneurs, and they could benefit from the course.

We appreciate your commitment to learning more about entrepreneurship from a female perspective and invite you to participate in the program as space permits.

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Eligibility for The Bank of America Womens Program

Bank of America Womens Program 2022/2023

To find out if the degree program online at the Bank of America Institute for Women’s Entrepreneurship at Cornell will meet your requirements, you should read the below guidelines:

Guidelines for Participants
  • The program is designed for women who are in the process of starting or running the size of a company.
  • Participants must be past the initial stage of brainstorming, should have made the initial steps toward focusing on a specific situation, and should be able to gather at least a small amount of capital and human resources.
  • There are no exact guidelines for the length of time a business has been operating; however, a general guideline is 0-5. For businesses with a more remarkable experience, the course can still be helpful when the company is trying to revive itself or is planning to launch an entrepreneurial initiative.
  • Students will reap the most incredible benefits from the course If they are in the process of in search for or have received initial stage financial resources but still need to complete numerous rounds of venture capital.
  • The participants’ businesses should be able to create jobs, and they may already have employees who are not founders.
  • The course may not be suitable for sole proprietors who don’t intend to grow the company or hire employees.
  • Business goals can include growth that is moderate or even aggressive. It is optional that there be a rapid trajectory characteristic of high-tech/high-growth companies.
  • Entrepreneurs from any industry are qualified. Social innovators are also welcome. However, they should be looking to establish an economically sustainable business. Even though non-profit entrepreneurs can benefit from the program, the financial and legal courses are designed for for-profit companies.
  • They are open to applicants from all sectors, nationalities, and geographical locations and invite applicants of all kinds of gender identities, ages, races, ethnicity or cultures, sexual orientation or other aspects of diversity.
  • Participants should be fluent in English to take advantage of an English version. As of July 2021, we will also be offering a Spanish-language version of the course for students who feel more comfortable doing the course in Spanish.
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To apply for the program, CLICK HERE

For more information about this program, Visit the official website

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