How To Become a YouTube tv Member In 2022 (Detailed Guide)

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YouTube TV may not be as long-running as some other streaming services for live TV, but it has proven an increasingly popular choice. It has increased its popularity to become one of the tops used services. One reason for this is the emphasis on features and an excellent experience. For instance, it comes with the unlimited cloud DVR, allowing users to save as many movies and shows as they wish without having to think about space for recording. Most people ask “how do i become a member of YouTube tv or how do i become a youtube tv member”? It’s quite easy actually.

Sign up for YouTube TV is a simple procedure that takes only minutes to complete via the service’s website. There are a few things to consider before signing up. These include the length of time you can use for free before making your first payment, limitations to the device you use, and home location limitations for the live streaming TV service.

If you become a YouTube TV member, one of the advantage is you would able to get a YouTube student discount as a student who wants to use YouTube TV. A YouTube student discount gives students access to their top YouTube content for a reduced cost. This article will cover How become a youtube tv member and how you can get YouTube TV student discounts.
Let’s Begin!!!!

What is YouTube Television?

Before we discuss steps to become a YouTube tv member, Let’s understand what YouTube Television is, YouTube Television is a streaming service that provides live TV of 70 different broadcasts, strings, and original sports networks. You’ll get live sports and must-see shows if you sign up for YouTube TV. You can also avail yourself of the Unlimited Sports Scholarship if you are a sports fan.

You also get an archiver for digital videotapes (DVR) with unlimited storage space and only pay for one subscription. However, you are allowed to use six accounts.

After you become a youtube tv member, You can watch from all your devices, including mobile phones, televisions, tablets, or even in a web-based cybersurfer that you can access on your computer. In addition, YouTube TV also includes YouTube Originals and popular YouTube videos.

It’s an internet-based streaming media platform that gives viewers access to television and live streaming and the option of DVR (Digital Video Recording) from various television networks. YouTube is part of the huge brand of Google and was first able to offer services like these in 2017. Back in the day, it was only able to offer YouTube Television service to five major US cities: NY City, l. an., Chicago, Philadelphia along with San Francisco.

This year, the service expanded these services to all of the US TV-related requests. In the end, the platform offered all major TV networks like ABC, BBC, NBC, PBS, Disney Channel, CBS, Viacom CBS Channels, and others, to name a few of the 85 channels and networks.

Pros and Cons of You Tube tv

Before you become a YouTube tv member, let’s know the Pros and Cons of YouTube TV:

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Pros Cons
Great overall channel lineup filled with news and sports. The monthly price has increased to $65 from a low price.
The unlimited cloud-based DVR is available. Many sports networks in the region are not available.
Up to 6 user accounts and three streams simultaneously, Roku users had temporarily experienced issues with YouTube TV because of a (now resolved) agreement dispute.

Things To Know Before You Become a Youtube TV Member

1. Cloud DVR

YouTube TV provides a DVR experience that is unlimitable. This means you can download and enjoy the ability to record as many of your most loved tv shows, films, and games as you want. The best part is that you don’t have to pay additional charges, unlike cable. It is also possible to stream your Library’s content wherever you go, and they’ll be in your account for up to 9 months.

2. Long List of Channels

One of the primary reasons to switch and live stream is the access to numerous international and local channels. Another alternative to cable and satellite, YouTube TV, offers channels that are already accessible in your area, and in this instance, it’s Canada. So, you’ll get local affiliates with the form from CBC News Network, CP24, etc. All you have to do is input your ZIP code to check the channel’s existence.

When you become a YouTube tv member, you can find a variety of sporting channels available on YouTube TV, you may not be able to find RSNs because of an issue with the streaming service. It’s good to know that you can get an upgrade to a premium subscription with additional features such as HBO Max. HBO Max subscription. The charge of $15 is added to the monthly charge. The premium subscription includes these channels: HBO Max, Cinemax, Shudder, STARZ, Hallmark Movies Now, NBA League Pass, and more.

3. Device Support

The most impressive feature on the list is that you can live-stream YouTube TV for as long as you want across any device. You can switch from device to device and remain connected to the recorded content. It is possible to access the DVR service is accessible for you all the time and accessible across every device. So, go on a trip and do not think about missing your most loved TV shows. It doesn’t matter if you have a phone, tablet, laptop, or iPad, and you’ll be able to watch it wherever you like. Some supported devices are Apple TV, Chromecast with Google TV, Samsung and LG smart TVs PS5, Xbox One X, Roku, Android TV, etc.

4. Multiple Streams

After you become a YouTube tv member, the main thing people are worried about before switching to cable TV is the quality of their experience. Is it as satisfying as satellite TV? Then you’ll be thrilled to learn that you can view three streams at a move. Additionally, you can have up to 6 accounts on one membership. Each account has its own storage space and set-up to consume.

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How To Become a YouTube tv Member In 2022 (Detailed Guide)

The procedure is easy if you’re considering signing up for YouTube TV for the first time. The most important thing to keep in mind is that YouTube TV accounts is linked to an existing Google account. Although this is possible to create during the sign-up process, it’s more efficient and speedier when you already have a Google account has been set up as well as a payment method that is linked to it.

How do I sign up with YouTube Television or How to become a YouTube tv member:

  1. Visit YouTube TV on the YouTube TV website
  2. Select the “Try It Free” button
  3. Log in using an existing Google account (or make a new account)
  4. Confirm your location using the ZIP code
  5. Tap “Next” to verify the base plan
  6. Include any additional features or add-ons
  7. Click “Next: Checkout”
  8. Confirm the payment method (or make an another one)
  9. Select “Start sign up” to complete your subscription which will direct you to your youtube tv login page
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Once you become a youtube tv member, As new members you get access to the service and can stream any TV channels that are live or on-demand video. If a subscriber takes advantage of a trial period for free, the trial period starts when the membership has been activated. This is the first thing to keep in mind.

YouTube TV typically offers a seven-day trial for free, but the exact length depends on when the user is first signed up. In certain instances, new users may discover they receive as long as two weeks free, whereas other users may discover that the free trials are just five or two days. YouTube TV clarifies what the trial duration will last before you can sign in. Therefore, those who want to benefit from the longer trial might be required to wait until the end before signing for the trial. So after we have understood how to become a YouTube tv member, Let’s discuss YouTube TV student Discount.

YouTube TV student Discount

After we have known how to become a YouTube tv member, Let’s discuss YouTube TV student discount. YouTube TV student discount still offers a Student membership options on YouTube are restricted to a YouTube premium or YouTube Music Premium. Additionally, the YouTube TV students discount for YouTube Television has been removed. Longer offered.

After you become a YouTube tv member, You can create an improvement after the test in a way that is creative and also watch YouTube TV on over three biases at the same time. You’ll also use YouTube Music if Spotify or Amazon Music’s music libraries aren’t enough for you.

You can try a one-month trial before starting for a chance to try out YouTube without having to deal with the pesky announcements. YouTube TV goes above your normal streaming service by providing a low-cost DVR.

This means you can record and save TV for more than nine months! The pall grounded model implies that you don’t have to limit yourself by space, just an extremely realistic time frame.

YouTube TV aims to exchange traditional satellite or string companies instead of streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. As time goes by, YouTube TV keeps extending its channel list because of the bias that you’ll be able to enjoy the services.

Steps to get Youtube tv Student Discount Reduction by Free Trial

You can sign up for YouTube TV using your Android bias tablet, computer, and iPhone using the following ways: To sign up, start a new web-based cybersurfer, and visit tv.YouTube.com

  1. Click the button to begin a free trial.
  2. Also, sign up with the details of your Google account.
  3. Then you need to confirm your home address. By entering your home zip law. (Confirm it using your device position authorization.)
  4. This information will allow you to access the proper original network.
  5. Also, you can personalize your class. You can do this by reviewing your networks that are added to the YouTube class.
  6. You will also be able to see the cost, of course, and the billing date. Click on the next for the next step. You can add other decorative networks if you wish to add any. To do this, select the icon with a circle beside the network, and then select continue after you’re done.
  7. After that, verify your credit card to receive YouTube TV pupil reductions using the free trial.

How do you play YouTube TV on your smart TV or gaming console?

So, as after we have known how to Become a Youtube TV Member, Let find out ways on how to play Youtube TV on your smart TV or Gaming Console.

You can stream YouTube TV on most smart televisions and gaming systems.

The options include Apple TV, PS4, Roku, Xbox One, Android TV, Fire TV, and select Samsung, LG, and Vizio models. You can also stream to your TV using AirPlay, Google Chromecast, or an enabled Chromecast TV.


It is important to note that even if you have an HD TV with a streamer, YouTube TV can’t be streamed in 4K.

Services Supported

So, as after we have known how to Become a Youtube TV Member, Let know what services YouTube TV supports .

You can verify the streaming conditions in the System for YouTube TV and watch YouTube TV on your mobile device, tablets, and some smartphones.

You can also view the channel in the web browser using your personal computer and also on the Chrome casting bias.

You can also install YouTube TV. You can also download the YouTube TV app on the specific bias and watch YouTube TV on your Television and ROKU bias.

How do you customize the content of your YouTube TV subscription?

So, as after we have known how to Become a Youtube TV Member, Let’s know how to customize the content of your YouTube TV subscription.

The tabs include “Library, Home,” and “Live.” “Home,” or the “Home” tab, is where YouTube provides suggestions on what you can see.

Tap the “+” button next to any program you’d like to add to your Library. YouTube TV will automatically record each program when they air. Then, you can access them all from your Library tab.

“Live” TV tab Television tab will show all the shows that are on currently. Find local live broadcast channels, catch local news and sports or catch primetime TV shows on those networks. You can scroll further to find more than 70 of the most well-known cable networks and regional sports channels.

You can alter your Live tab to meet your preferences for viewing. For instance, you can alter the order in which networks are listed or block certain networks to ensure that only your preferred networks appear.

To do this, tap “Sort” in the Live tab, tap “Edit,” and then personalize Your Live tab.

The “Library” tab is where you can store your recordings. Add any show, sports team, festival, movie, or other media to your Library by clicking”+” or the “+” button. YouTube TV will record all scheduled and current airings.

It is possible to add as many programs to your libraries as you wish. YouTube TV offers unlimited cloud-based DVR space, and recording won’t take up the space on your device.

Go to the search section by pressing the magnifying glass on the left-hand side.
You can search using broad terms such as Sports, News, or Movies and look up specific films, shows, or telecasts. You can search for movies and shows by using the search bar.

You can enable your “Hide all scores of this team/league” feature on YouTube TV to hide scores for specific teams or leagues in sports.

This prevents spoiler information, such as the final score or live previews, from appearing before you’ve begun watching.

To activate this feature, log into YouTube TV, select the overflow menu that appears with three dots on a league or team page, then toggle “Hide the scores of this league or team.”

Signing up to YouTube TV summary

YouTube TV is a popular live TV streaming service with well-founded reasons. If you’re considering using the live TV streaming service or subscription, signing up with YouTube TV is a matter of a few clicks on the site. While an account can be established ahead of time, joining YouTube TV is much quicker and simpler when you have a Google account. Once an account with a Google account has been linked, joining YouTube TV is merely an issue of confirming the base plan, adding additional features, and selecting a payment method.

There are a few aspects customers should consider before knowing how to become a member on youtube tv. The first is the length of a trial offer currently available to help to ensure that new customers get enough time to decide if it’s the best option for them before deciding to pay. Other things to be aware of before enrolling are whether devices at home are compatible and how the Home area operates. This is especially important for people contemplating using YouTube TV in multiple locations or sharing the service with family members and friends who do not share the same residence.

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