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As the single largest provider for Navy and Marine Corps officers, the Navy ROTC Scholarship Program fulfils a critical requirement in preparing young men and women to take on managerial and leadership positions in an increasingly technological Navy and Marine Corps.

The goal that the Navy ROTC Scholarship Program is to provide education. And to provide young women and men who are qualified to serve in the military as officers. In the open lines of the Navy and Navy Nursing Corps, in addition to the Navy Nursing Corps and the Marine Corps. Additionally, candidates are made as officers of the non-restricted lines from the Naval Reserve or the Marine Corps following graduation.

In addition, those selected for Navy ROTC Scholarship Program get scholarships as part of an extremely intense national selection process. They also receive costs for tuition and book stipends. In addition, they receive expenses for training and other financial benefits at many of the best institutions and colleges across the nation.

About Navy ROTC Scholarship

Navy ROTC Scholarship

The Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) is an award-winning program of scholarships that offers the full cost of tuition, stipends, summer cruises to train, and much more to allow you to enjoy the traditional college experience while learning to be a Naval Officer.

Its ROTC program was designed to train midshipmen both physically and morally. It also aims to teach the noblest values of loyalty and duty and the core values of courage, honors and integrity.

Not just that, but also courage and dedication to training students from universities for the role of a naval officer. And they are motivated by the prospect of a career in the Navy with basic vocational education.

In addition, to possess an opportunity for development in the future that is in good health. To assume the most important responsibilities of command, citizenship and the government.

Additionally, students chosen to participate in this Naval ROTC Scholarship Programme program have to make their arrangements to enroll in the university. In addition, they pay for lodging and meals and the usual number of courses required by the university to earn their degrees. Additionally, applicants for scholarships have to adhere to specific academic rules.

A list of universities and colleges is accessible HERE

Level/Field of Study: The Navy ROTC Scholarship Program is offered to eligible students who completed their high school by August 1st of the year to begin college or plan to enter college.

Host Nation: Currently, there are 63 Navy ROTC consortiums and units in 77 schools across the United States. This Navy ROTC program is available in more than 160 universities and colleges that host Navy ROTC units or have registration agreements with several cities with a host university.

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Eligible Nationality: The Navy ROTC Scholarship Program was created only for United States Citizen

The Navy’s ROTC Scholarship Doesn’t Include

  • Room and Board
  • Dental or medical insurance.
  • Projection fees.
  • The cost of the decision to withdraw, fail or retake a class.
  • Any tuition charges that are higher or more than those typically paid result from an elective not included in a degree or an entry-level position within the Navy. The requirements in the ROTC program.
  • Intangible expenses that are reimbursable, like deposits.
  • All aviation expenses associated with aviation include but are not limited to aviation-related instructions, licences, fuel costs and fees for aircraft rental, ground handling guidelines rates, and maintenance or services. Students can opt to take part in courses that require this kind of instruction or even flight costs, but they are entirely responsible for all expenses associated with the instruction.
  • Costs for breaking or causing property damage.
  • The school imposes costs in the event of a failure to fulfil an obligation of the school.
  • The fellows selected must adhere to the Navy’s ROTC program requirements for the first year of study following the date of their scholarship offer, as stated in the letter of notification, to receive the scholarship or else their scholarship offer will be cancelled.
  • Some schools offer accommodation as well as meal assistance to ROTC Marine Fellows. Contact the schools you’d like to make an appointment for more information on their policies.
  • The amount of benefits is contingent upon the course of study that the student is taking. Students will receive benefits from scholarships only for the period needed to earn their Bachelor’s Degree or four years, depending on the first. Students who are enrolled in the NROTC scholarship program and already have college credits must make the most of the credits earned within their degree programs and work to finish the program and order as quickly as possible. Additionally, students may apply for benefits if they are required. In certain cases, they may get benefits from the fifth year.

What You Need to Know about Navy ROTC Scholarship

We’ve carefully sketched out a few categories that are vital and vital to understand before you can earn the Navy ROTC Scholarship program. These include:

1. Navy ROTC College Program


  • Offers uniforms as well as Naval Science Manuals.
  • College students who have been selected to be given “advanced status” are assigned at least 20 months. Advanced status is accessible only in the very first year of university. The amount allocated for each academic month is $350 and $400 in the senior and junior years and senior years, respectively.

Eligibility For Navy ROTC College Program

  • Students selected from those who are at or accepted into schools with ROTC programs for the Navy
  • The school provides uniforms and Naval Science texts.
  • College Program students selected for “advanced standing” are awarded a stipend for 20 months. Advanced standing is only offered from the beginning of my junior year in college. The stipend for each semester is $350.00 for a junior year and $400 for a senior year.
  • Students will be able to complete naval science and different university-level courses. As well as a couple of specific university courses and will attend a training session during the summer.
  • Usually, at sea for Navy Midshipmen.
  • Usually at Quantico, VA, for Marine Corps midshipmen.
  • At the time of the day of graduation, two or four-year College Program midshipmen may be appointed ensigns in the Naval Service or second lieutenants in the Marine Corps.
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2. Two and Three-Year Scholarships


  • The tuition for all students is included in any institutions or colleges, for all inquiries regarding tuition fees or fees, books, and assignments, to the Navy ROTC Unit.
  • All tuition fees for universities and colleges.
  • Supply uniforms and naval science instructions.
  • Summer Cruise
  • Three years will get two cruises.
  • Two years will get one cruise.
  • A stipend for manuals
  • The current amount is $750 for the school year ($375 for each semester, or $225 per term)
  • Amount of subsistence for every academic month:
  • Second-year student – $300/ month
  • Junior – $350/month
  • Seniors – $400/month

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Two and Three-Year Eligibility Requirements

Same basic requirements as the National scholarship with the following additional requirements;

  • Candidates must hold at minimum thirty semester hours (45 quarter hours) but not greater than 120 semester hours (203 quarter hours).
  • It would help if you had a minimum university GPA of 2.5 (on the 4.0 scale).
  • The applicant must be admitted or are in the process of gaining admission to a school associated with the Navy ROTC Unit from which they have been selected.

Two and Three-Year Scholarship Supplemental Forms

3. National Scholarships


  • Full tuition in one of the mentioned colleges or universities. Direct all questions about the payment of tuition fees, fees, books, and assignments to the Navy ROTC Unit.
  • The tuition for all students is included in any of the universities mentioned above or colleges. All questions regarding tuition fees or fees, books, and assignments to the Navy ROTC Unit.
  • All fees are mandatory and imposed by the school for all full-time undergraduate students.
  • A stipend to pay for textbooks
  • The current amount is $750 for the semester ($375 for each semester, or $225 per term)
  • Offer uniforms as well as naval science guides.
  • Three summer cruises
  • The subsistence allowance is paid out every academic month:
  • Freshmen – $250 / month
  • Second-year student – $300/ month
  • Junior – $350/month
  • Senior – $400/month

CLICK HERE TO CHECK Navy ROTC Scholarship Requirements

4. Navy or Nurse Option Two and Three-Year

  • It is necessary to apply through your Navy ROTC unit of the college you would like to be a part of.
  • You have to take a Navy ROTC Application Fitness Assessment (AFA). Also, submit your scores in the direction of your Navy ROTC Unit from which they’re seeking a nomination. To allow your request to be looked at as complete. Also, they must be submitted to be considered by the selection panel.

See the following links for details of how to conduct the AFA:

5. Marine Option Two and Three-Year ROTC Scholarship

  • General Pedro Del Valle Leadership Scholarship
  • Frederick C. Branch Leadership Scholarship

Note: Applicants must contact the Marine Office Instructor of the Navy ROTC Unit they plan to attend for more information about the application procedure. To review Navy ROTC general requirements CLICK HERE

How to Apply

Contents of Navy ROTC Scholarship Application:

  • Application Letter
  • Signed and dated Personnel Data Record
  • Applicant Fitness Assessment Score Sheet
  • Drug Statement
  • Debarment statement
  • Letters of reference (if you wish)
  • A current copy of  college transcripts
  • Statement of Understanding
  • 2 or 3 Year Scholarship – Applicant Personal Data Record
  • Letter of admission
  • Degree Plan
  • No later than 31 May, your application must be received by the Navy ROTC Unit.
  • You will receive a letter notifying you of the results of the selection board.
  • The Professor of Naval Science will review and may forward you an application to the scholarship selection board.
  • The selection board meets at the end of July.
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Application Process

This guide will help you on how to apply for NROTC scholarship:

  • The applicants must fill out the online application and submit all information necessary to be considered for this scholarship.
  • The application online is huge and can take several hours to complete. Start the application, and then track the progress you make as you fill out each part. We’ll provide you with a list of the information you need to submit to help you gather the necessary information and simplify the application process.
  • Candidates are asked to select five universities or colleges affiliated with ROTC when they submit their applications for a scholarship. It will be given to the school you choose if you choose this option.
  • Your selections between the fifth and second schools gauge the level of interest in the NROTC program at these schools.
  • If you are awarded the scholarship, the award will be given at the school you prefer. Without prior authorization, it can not be utilized in another NROTC school.
  • To be accepted and register at the school of your choice for the chance to avail of the scholarship, you have to apply. Suppose you enroll in a higher-performing school, then your primary school can increase your chances of being accepted and enrolled. Thus, you increase the chance of receiving a scholarship you are selected.
  • Candidates must also select the program of study in which they plan to focus. The university’s programs are split into three levels according to the requirements of the technical aspects of the Navy.
  • The scholarships will be given to members of the Navy ROTC Unit. Alongside the academic area of specialization and the degree of the student’s application, the student must specify the level when submitting his application.
  • If a scholarship award is granted and the student accepts it, they must attend the institution where they currently attend and can request a location change if necessary or desired. Applications are reviewed and accepted through NROTC’s NROTC placement office.
  • The student must be aware that if he attends an institution located on the outskirts of downtown, paying for travel and course program expenses might be necessary. The registration school must provide the academic specialization or equivalent to the one for which the scholarship was given.
  • Additionally, the student must be a candidate at the school they want to utilize the scholarship.

Download a complete list of details about using the application PDF HERE

Navy ROTC Scholarship Deadline 2022

The application for the 2022 scholarship is open starting April 1st, 2022, until the 31st day of December 2022. Particularly, in any NROTC Unit, all Navy and Nurse Option Officer interviews should be handled by an Officer.

The application submission process begins in the spring, approximately 18 months following the beginning of the academic year. For this year, we’re looking for applications. The deadline for submitting your application is the last day of December before the beginning of the school year for which we solicit applications.

The sooner you are chosen if you make a request. Suppose you applied earlier than anticipated and were not chosen by the first selection panels. So, until a decision is taken, the application may be re-examined each election.


For Navy ROTC scholarships and application questions: [email protected]

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