Military Schools are usually called school boarding houses run by the military, whose main objective is to teach discipline and discipline in a classroom.

It varies depending on the institution that they attend. For example, military schools teach values such as respect and discipline, accountability, and the importance of leadership through intense physical and academic training.

They assist students in learning to be responsible citizens of society by delivering rigorous training sessions. Students also discover their interests and career paths by attending military schools.

We’ve listed a complete listing of top Military Schools for Girls and their websites for applying for this post. But, before we get started, why find out more information about these Military Schools?

What Are Military Schools?

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The term “military academy” or an army academy or service academy is an educational establishment that prepares students for service as officers. It usually provides instruction in a military setting. However, military schools also have private schools run by the military, whose principal objective is to teach discipline and dedication within an academic environment.

Military schools impart values like discipline and respect, accountability, and leadership by providing physical education and rigorous studies.

Through intensive training, Students are taught how to become more responsible members of society. Students also discover their passions and career paths when they attend an army school.

Popular Myths About Military Schools that will interest you

There are many misconceptions regarding the military schools, what they are about, their operation, and the kind of students they accept. These are the most commonly-held misconceptions about military boarding schools.

  • Military schools are responsible for field marching, cadet classes and boot camp relentless training
  • Opportunities for extra-curricular activities at military schools is very limited and far between
  • All military schools are designed for troubled teens.
  • Military schools lack diversity
  • Military schools cannot support different types of learners

The benefits of a Military Schools

Schools for military and colleges provide an array of unique challenges and excellent opportunities for today’s young people. Here are some benefits of Military Schools:

  • Military Colleges and Schools provide the organization, focus, and leadership possibilities that encourage and enhance a broad liberal arts education
  • Military Colleges and Schools develop the “whole person” through a combination of language, STEM and athletics, and arts and sciences.
  • Military Colleges and Schools incorporate character development, values, and service (to other people) throughout their courses.
  • Military Colleges and Schools are strict and oblige their students to the highest standards. This is carried out with purpose and without apology.
  • The majority of students from military schools do not wear military uniforms following graduation. However, the lessons learned through”the “military education model” will be useful for the rest of their lives.
  • Military College and School graduates develop the leadership qualities, and the character and determination needed to succeed in any field or profession.
  • Military Colleges and Schools develop character-based leaders who can make positive changes in their communities, nation, and the globe.
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What is the cost of military schools price?

First of all, are there girls’ free military schools? YES. Free military schools are run through the federal government and form part of the school systems of public education. The cost to attend military school is contingent upon the school you attend and what state you attend the school in. The majority of military school fees are determined by the quality of the school and its location, as has been reported.

The cost of military schools is between $30,000 and $40,000 per year.

The Top Female Military School For Girls

1. Kenosha Military Academy

It is located in Kenosha, USA. Kenosha Military Academy, which is located in Kenosha high school located in Kenosha, USA. It is open to female students between the 9-12th grade and offers a broad range of career options. It is among the top military schools for girls.

For the last four years, students at Kenosha Military Academy have participated in intense training at JROTC and take classes sponsored by the US Army. The courses are designed to help students learn the characteristics of leadership Teamwork, teamwork, and security systems.

Official Address: 6800 60th Street, Kenosha, WI 53144

Check Website:

2. Randolph-Macon Academy

The Randolph-Macon Academy (R-Ma) is a privately-owned and private school based on military principles that have been in operation since 1892. The school has more than 370 students and is open for students from grades 6-12.

Randolph-Macon Academy is connected to The United Methodist Church and the US Air Force. The school is situated within Front Royal, VA., about 69 miles away from Washington, DC. It is considered one of the best Military Schools For Girls

The Academy has the aim and purpose of teaching the students how to succeed through the development of their character, education, civic responsibility, and the development of leadership skills to prepare them for life’s challenges.

There are several options for the Randolph-Macon Academy Tuition, starting from $16,166 for day-time students and $32,286 for boarders.

Official Address: 200 Academy Dr, Front Royal, VA 22630, United States

Official Website:

3. Massanutten Military Academy

The Massanutten Military Academy admits grade 6-12 PG studentS and is home to a total that is 120. The MMA is an all-day and boarding school in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.It is one of the most pretegious Military Schools For Girl

The MMA has a long tradition of helping students realize their potential with an integrated approach to education that helps students not only attain academic success but also assists them in becoming well-rounded people. The school is focused on character and academic excellence.

Official Address: 614 S. Main Street, Woodstock, VA 22664

Official Website:


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4. Franklin Military Academy

The school was established in the year 1980. Franklin Military Academy is a mixed secondary school within the Richmond City School District. The Academy has been the only publicly-funded military school to be open to 300 students in the 6-12th grade across the United States. It is one of the most pretegious Military Schools For Girl

The school employs the military model to help prepare students to obtain academic and professional credentials at the time of graduation. As a result, the school has been awarded distinctions of excellence in many categories, including top High schools.

Official Address: 701 North 37th Street, Richmond, VA 23223

Official Website:

5. Texas Military Institute

Texas Episcopal School Texas Episcopal School is a mixed preparatory school with students in grades 6 to 12. It is situated on the Texas Hill Country, located within the State of TMI. It was established in TMI’s Episcopal Diocese of West Texas. It has evolved into an outstanding academic and military community. It is considered one of the best Military Schools For Girls

The tuition costs are: The tuition for five days at the upper school is $37,860. Middle school tuition costs $19,745, while the tuition for seven days is $40,520. In the upper school, breakfast and dinner are included. Therefore, breakfast is part of tuition fees for all classes.

Official Address: 20955 W Tejas Trail, San Antonio, TX 78257, United States

Official Website:

6. Texas Maritime Academy

The Texas Maritime Academy (TMA) is a part of Texas A & M University which focuses specifically on marine research.

This campus is situated on Pelican Island in the Gulf of Mexico and occupies 135 acres.

The school is available to female students who are pursuing degrees in Maritime or related courses to maritime. It has more than 50k students and considered one of the best Military Schools For Girls.

Official Address: 3031 Seawolf Park Blvd, Galveston, TX 77554, United States

Official Website:

7. Camden Military Academy

Camden Military Academy is an ordinary non-denominational school located in the center of the fourth largest town in America, Camden, South Carolina. It is one of the most pretegious Military Schools For Girls

The Academy is for males aged between 7 and 12 who can be enrolled in the school.

Official Address: 520 Hwy 1 North, Camden, SC 29020

Official Website:

8. US Naval War College

The US Naval War College is located in Newport, Rhode Island, and is accessible to only college students, particularly female Naval War College, often known as NWC. It was established in 1884. It is the oldest military school one of the most pretegious Military Schools For Girls anywhere in the world.

In this school, members from the military across all the branches of the US Army study for a Master of Arts degree. The college has more than 600 students each year.

Official Address: 686 Cushing Road, Newport, RI 02841

Official Website:

9. Oak Ridge Military Academy

Oak Ridge Military Academy Oak Ridge Military Academy is a military-preparatory college that is mixed and is the sole federal board in the country based on the military model. The school is situated in the community in Oak Ridge, North Carolina.

The school has a high acceptance rate, and it is committed to fostering leadership qualities in students from grades 7-12.

It is accessible to cadets within the International Community. I.e., students from North Carolina and California, Latin America and the Caribbean, China and Russia, Europe and Europe, and the Middle East. It is considered one of the best Military Schools For Girls

Official Address: 2317 Oak Ridge Road, Oak Ridge, North Carolina 27310

Official Website:

10. Military Leadership Academy

The Military Leadership Academy is a Charlotte, North Carolina school that accepts male and female students aged between 6 and 11 years.

This school offers student learning programs and is a member of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS). It is considered one of the best Military Schools For Girls

The Academy may have”military” in its name; it does not have “military” in its name. It is not affiliated with military camps or academic programs, or even the military.

Official Address: 3342 W Griffith St., Charlotte, NC 28212

Official Website:

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