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BTH Bursları

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Kısa açıklama

BTH Scholarship Programme for Prospective Students is available to citizens of non-EU/EEA nations who have to pay tuition fees to Sweden’s universities and wish to study for a Master’s degree at the University.
Ev Sahibi Kurum(lar):
Blekinge Institute of Technology, (BTH).
Seviye/Çalışma Alanı:
Master’s degrees in Business Administration and Computer Science, Computer Science, Structural Mechanics, Software Engineering, and Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability.
One-semester courses in: Industrial Economics and Management; Mechanical Engineering; and Strategic Leadership toward Sustainability.
Hedef kitle:
Students from non-EU/EEA nations can apply for international student visas
Burs değeri/kapsamları
Prospective students can apply for the BTH Scholarship Program. The scholarship award is a partial decrease in tuition fees. It usually amounts to 50%. The scholarship is valid for the entire duration of the course/program.
These scholarships cannot cover living expenses. In addition, to be eligible for the scholarship, scholars must have passed at least 75% in their previous scholarship qualifying studies.


If you are a citizen from a non-EU/EEA country that is required to pay tuition fees to Sweden’s university education, you can apply for a BTH Scholarship.
Academic excellence is the only criteria for awarding scholarships. Priority is given to applicants who have chosen the BTH study program as their first choice.
Uygulama talimatları:
You apply for a BTH scholarship after you have applied for a BTH campus-based programme or single subject course on Universityadmissions.se. If you are a tuition-fee-paying student, the application fee has already been paid, or you are exempted from the fee, the scholarship application will not be considered. For studies beginning in Autumn 2020, the deadline to apply is 15 January 2021.
For more information about how to apply, visit the official website (link below).
İnternet sitesi:
Resmi Burs Web Sitesi: https://www.bth.se/eng/education/applicationandadmission/scholarships/

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