Ron Brown Scholar Fund offers the Ron Brown Scholar Program for high school seniors who exhibit an intense passion for public service and community involvement, business entrepreneurship, and global citizenship. The goal of the Ron Brown Scholar Program is to offer higher education that is more advanced and enhance the lives of civically-minded and intelligent African Americans. RBSP competitively awards the four-year $40,000 Ron Brown Scholarship ($10,000 each year) to the most talented Ron Brown Scholars and economically-challenged high school seniors.

Ron Brown Scholar Fund is a 501(c)3 public charity run through an uninvolved Board of Trustees. The program was named after the former secretary of Commerce. It was inspired by his commitment to public service, which is focused on increasing civic engagement among Scholars and encouraging high academic achievement, community involvement, and long-term relationships.

You don’t need to worry about college financials when you’re a community-minded and good African American student. Ron Brown Scholars Program Ron Brown Scholars Program provides the $40,000 scholarship to help high school students to get into college.

Quick Information about Ron Brown Scholarship

Also, you should be aware you can also find out that Ron Brown Scholar Program (RBSP) manages its Guided Pathway Support Program (GPS). The program guides African-American seniors and juniors to the best colleges.

The GPS will direct pupils to complete and reliable sources available. It also helps students understand how to apply, prepare and pay for, stay on track, and graduate from college.

GPS students receive assistance and guidance through Ron Brown Scholars and Captains.

This is ideal as Ron Brown Scholars and Captains share a common race, age, income, and life experiences that allow them to be engaging GPS students effectively. Ron Brown Scholars were once similar to GPS students, which means they can guide junior students struggling to get into America’s top universities. Ron Brown Scholarship Program is a United States of America scholarship. Therefore, the scholars can only apply for the scholarship at colleges within the U.S.

Eligibility Requirement For Ron Brown Bursu

To be eligible to apply for to be eligible for Ron Brown Scholarship Program, you must be able to meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • You must be Black or African American.
  • Also, it would help if you excelled in academics.
  • Should demonstrate outstanding ability to lead.
  • It is also essential to be involved in activities of community service.
  • Students must also show that they have the financial capacity.
  • Have to be a U.S. citizen or possess a permanent resident visa.
  • You must be a High School Senior at the time of applying.

Not: Current college students are not eligible to apply.

Ron Brown Bursu

Application Process For Ron Brown Bursu

To successfully finish to be successful in completing the Ron Brown scholarship program application and be eligible to be a Ron Brown Scholar, follow the steps in the following steps.

Time required: 1 day.

  1. Check eligibility sure to satisfy all the Ron Brown scholarship eligibility requirements above. Be sure to go through the eligibility requirements before making an application to apply for this scholarship. Ron Brown Scholarship.
  2. Download Application
  3. If you can meet the requirements for the Ron Brown Scholarship requirements, go ahead and download, print, and complete the application. The total size of the Ron Brown Scholarship Application document is 332kb. It is necessary to install Adobe Acrobat (plug-in) on your system if not installed. This will allow you to access the application. Although you can print the application using the browser, RBSP recommends that you download it first to make sure that all pages print correctly.
  4. Send Your Application
  5. After downloading and filling out the Ron Brown Scholarship application, return the completed form to the address listed on the form. It is important to ensure each of the four application pages is attached and mailed in the same package. Be sure not to mail Transcripts or Letters of Recommendation that need to be sent with a separate cover.

Click Here To Download Application Form

Not: RBSP will not be able to evaluate incomplete, emailed, or faxed requests.

Eligible Nationality

Like students who can only apply for the advantage of the Ron Brown Burs program in the U.S. the same way, it is accessible to U.S. citizens or permanent citizens. However, the applicant for U.S. citizens must also be African American.

Ron Brown Scholarship Worth

Ron Brown Scholarship Program 2020 Like the previous years, this program, since its start, grants the most qualified students a sum of $40,000 to cover their education costs. The award of this scholarship is valid throughout the time the scholar is in the college.

Because the typical length of Master’s programs lasts four (4) years, The award amount corresponds to four years of the scholar’s studies. The scholar is therefore awarded $10,000 per academic year.

Which is the deadline for the Ron Brown Scholarship?

The application for the Ron Brown Scholarships opens by August each year. However, if you fill out and submit your application by October 1, the deadline, you’ll receive an early chance to be considered.

But, you’ll submit your application by January 1 to fill out and complete the Ron Brown Scholarship application.

Ron Brown Scholarship committee will not consider any application for a scholarship received after January 1 of the year in which it is submitted.

Based on the information provided above According to the above information, The 2021 Ron Brown Scholarship will open in August 2021 and close by January 1, 2022.

For more information about the Ron Brown Scholarship, visit



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