What are Community Colleges in the USA?

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What are Community Colleges?

International students have many options for higher education in the United States. There are colleges, universities, community colleges and many other options. However, many international students may not be familiar with American education systems and may not know what a community college looks like.

What are Community Colleges

What are Community Colleges

A community college is a school that offers a pathway to four-year degrees at a reasonable price. The American Association of Community Colleges states that there are 1,167 community colleges in the United States. An associate’s degree is a 2-year college degree.
A community college has many advantages. Students can save money by going to a two-year community college and then transferring to a 4-year university to complete their degree. The average annual cost to attend a public college is $2713. In comparison, the average yearly cost to attend a public four-year college or university is $7.605
Not only are you saving money, but many community colleges offer certificates and degrees in specific career-oriented fields such as engineering technology or automobile mechanics.
This allows students to get into the workforce faster than at 4-year universities.
Many community colleges now offer select bachelor’s and associate’s degree programs. In addition, many community colleges have removed the word “community” from their names and called themselves a college because they offer a 4-year degree program. For example, Bellevue Community College is now Seattle Central Community College.
International students can get higher education at a low cost by attending a college or community college in the USA.

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