Must Read: Top African Schools To Attend As a Student In 2023

Top African Schools To Attend As a Student

Africa is a continent boasting cultural diversity, traditions, and arts, which attract visitors and ex-pats from all over the world. The continent provides professional opportunities to expatriates whose skills and diplomas are highly valued and sought-after, especially in the petroleum and construction sectors. Once in Africa, ex-pat families can enroll their children in African schools … Read more

The Top Online Mba Programs in The World to Apply in 2023

Top Online Mba Programs in The World

The top online MBA programs in the world are at the upward thrust. And it’s clear why: an MBA brought through distance mastering is attractive to many experts who want to continue running for a yr or who will pursue a diploma. Interest in online MBAs continues to be robust, with many colleges seeing package … Read more

Apply Now: Yale Women’s Leadership Program 2023

Yale Women's Leadership Program

Apply for Yale women’s leadership program today. Women remain underrepresented in leadership positions globally. To prevail, women ought to learn how to navigate the external factors that restrict their access to leadership positions and the internal factors that would cost them possibilities for development. Your organization can construct this competitive gain using growing women at … Read more

Must Read: Youtube Premium for Students in 2022

Youtube Premium for Students

Are you going to university? The Student plan allows you to save money on YouTube Premium. YouTube Premium offers the option to view videos without ads and download videos offline. So how much is youtube premium for students? These perks will cost you $11.99/$11.99 monthly for a subscription. This seems a little steep. Here’s how … Read more

Top 10 Apps to Limit Screen Time for Student in 2022

Top 10 Apps to Limit Screen Time for Student

You can do almost anything with your smartphone. You can complete once-complicated tasks like ordering groceries or paying your bills in minutes. You may be worried about how much time you spend on your phone if you are like many others. That is when apps to limit screen time comes in!!! These premium and free … Read more

Apply Now: Arkwright Scholarship 2022

Apply Now: Arkwright Scholarship 2022

The Arkwright scholarship, the most prestigious Scholarship in its category in the United Kingdom, is the Arkwright Engineering Scholarship. Its purpose is to encourage and inspire school-age students to be future leaders in the engineering industry in the country. The Smallpeice Trust awards the Arkwright Engineering Scholarships each year to 16-year-olds who are highly motivated … Read more

Apply Now: Bank of America Womens Program 2022/2023

Bank of America Womens Program 2022/2023

The bank of America Womens program to offer an online learning platform that equips business owners with the necessary skills, knowledge, and resources to create, manage and grow a profitable business and ways of getting loans for women owned business. Women play a crucial role in promoting economic growth but face issues accessing funds and … Read more

Apply Now: Top 10 Scholarships for EdD Programs in 2022/2023

Top 10 Scholarships for EdD Program

Earning a Ph.D. in Education or an EdD can be costly. These scholarships for EdB programs makes it affordable and easy. A Doctor of Education (EdD), which can help you develop your skills as an educator, may help you to grow your career. A doctorate in Education is the highest degree you can get. Four … Read more

Apply Now: Elephant Learning Scholarship 2022

Elephant Learning Scholarship

Math isn’t for everyone. We get it! Nearly half of the first and second graders are already experiencing mathematics anxiety! Our goal is to inspire students to master mathematics. They also offer scholarships to those who are interested in their program. This article will explain how to apply for elephant learning scholarships. About Elephant Learning … Read more

Apply Now: NUS Overseas Graduate Scholarship 2022/2023

NUS Overseas Graduate Scholarship

The NUS-Overseas Graduate Scholarship is available for Master’s or Ph.D. degrees in the area of Teaching and Research. This NUS Overseas Graduate Scholarship (NUS-OGS) scheme is a part of NUS’s ongoing efforts to develop high-quality local talent for a successful academic career by assisting the doctoral study abroad of these students. The National University of … Read more