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Google is among the most sought-after corporations around the globe to be a part of. Indeed, most engineers would be thrilled to be employed by Google because of their experience and exposure. This has resulted in many people applying to Google mechanical engineering jobs. So does Google hire mechanical engineers? Absolutely YES.

For students who would like to work for Google, Google has many opportunities for students studying mechanical engineering that offer valuable field experience and a thorough understanding of the subject. This article reviews the top Google Mechanical Engineering Internships open in 2022.

What is mechanical engineering

Technically speaking, mechanical engineering can be described as the implementation of fundamentals and techniques for problem-solving of engineering, from concept to manufacturing and finally to the market for any item.

Mechanical engineers examine their work based on the principles of motion, energy,
and force, ensuring that their designs perform effectively, safely, and reasonably priced.

Mechanical engineers can make a difference. This is because careers in mechanical engineering focus on developing technologies to satisfy human needs. Nearly every item or service you use in your daily life has likely been influenced in the way of mechanical engineers to benefit humanity.

This involves tackling the current challenges and generating new solutions for the future in health care, energy transportation, global hunger and exploring space and climate change, and many more.

Who is mechanical engineer

Mechanical engineers design, create, construct, and test thermal and mechanical equipment and sensors. Mechanical engineers usually work in offices.

They might visit worksites where a particular issue or part of equipment requires their full focus. Mechanical engineers are employed in engineering services, research, development, and manufacturing.

Unlike Microsoft, mechanical engineers developed Google’s highly specialized systems. Google’s CEO has 94% of the approval ratings from its employees. The company is widely praised as an extremely well-respected company that is worthy of the praise it receives.

Google offers an engineering internship where they take on students who recently completed their studies and want to pursue a career in engineering.

Google provides a variety of positions within the engineering department. However, the most popular jobs are in software design engineering, hardware development and R&D mechanical engineering, and R&D manufacturing engineering jobs.

Google Mechanical Engineering Salaries

The average Google Mechanical Engineer salary is $134,720 per year. Mechanical Engineer salaries at Google vary between $54,726 and $214,419 per year. This is based on the 59 Google Mechanical Engineer salary report(s) supplied by employees or calculated based on statistical methods. Considering bonuses and other compensation, Mechanical Engineers at Google are expected to earn an average salary of $137,128 annually.

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How to Apply for Google Mechanical Engineering Internship Jobs

Google Mechanical Engineer Internship Job (1)

To be eligible for a Google Mechanical Engineer internship Job, it is necessary to be studying a full-time bachelor’s degree or Ph.D. degree in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, or another related field.

Attach your resume to the internship program or application for the job you’re applying to. Include the job description on your CV, and ensure that your qualifications and work experience align with the job requirements.

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When you’ve submitted your application, prepare to be interviewed. When preparing for your interview, conduct a thorough study of Google and its products and services.

Learn and practice the typical interview questions you’ve similar to the ones you will face. Make sure that you create the questions you would like to ask. It could be up to three or two questions!

After completing the interview portion of Google’s hiring procedure, the hiring committee will review your applications (including your resume and references, your performance at the interview, and any work samples you’ve submitted) and decide whether to select you based on this.

Best Google Mechanical Engineering Internship Jobs

Here are the top Google mechanical engineering internship opportunities for mechanical engineering students:

1. Software Engineering, Internship – Fall 2022

Location: Center For Policing Equity

Job Type: Part-time

Earn: $15.00 per hour

Creates data-driven products and reports that provide LEAs the tools they require to make changes within their departments and to create more equitable public safety.

Major Job Descriptions

Responsibilities for this Google Mechanical Engineer internship Job include:

  • Implementing improvements to product features or bug fixes.
  • Writing tests.
  • Other tasks depending on the skill set and interests.

Eligible Requirements

  • Positive attitude and eagerness to be a student
  • Ability to work on your own and collaborate in a remote setting
  • Experiences with high-level object-oriented programming languages, like JavaScript and Python
  • Experience with Computer Science fundamentals like data structures and algorithms
  • Superior attention to detail
  • Preference is given to rising juniors or a senior who has an interest in social justice issues.
  • Love social justice issues.
  • Excellent written and oral communication abilities
  • Experienced proficient G Suite, specifically Gmail, Google Calendar, Docs Sheets Slides along with Forms

Application Submission GuidelinesApplications will be considered on a rolling basis. For consideration, applicants must send the following documents:

  • Resume/CV (REQUIRED)
  • Cover Letter (REQUIRED)


2. Supply Chain and Product Operations Intern, Consumer Hardware

Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China

As an intern in the Customer Hardware team responsible for Supply Chain Planning and Product Processes, You will work with your colleagues and departments such as Operations, National Procurement Administrators, Material Control, and Central Operations to build the APAC Supply Chain Capacity Roadmap.

Any programs for product operations could comprise improvement of processes or an initiative to increase output, which could also be managed.

Major Job Descriptions

While you’re an intern, assignments will be determined by the skills, experience, and interests of the intern. If you’re interested in a specific area, you should include it on your resume.

Eligible Requirements

To be considered for this Google mechanical engineer internship, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Mechanical Engineering or similar areas are typically enrolled in the MBA or Master’s degree program.
  • Experience in the consumer electronics/consumer goods field includes experiences in hardware operations efficiency, efficiency, sourcing, or the management of supply chains.


3. Senior Mechanical Engineer, Advanced Technology Innovation, Data Centers

Location: Dublin

In your role as a Mechanical Engineer, you’ll be able to develop and test data center technology, develop products and develop our next-generation mechanical systems as an integral part of our Applied Technology Research team.

You’ll be in charge of developing and integrating an infrastructure that can scale as the company continues to grow. Google.

Major Job Descriptions

In your position as a Senior Mechanical engineer intern at Google, Your main duties will be as follows:

  • Work together to develop, design, and manufacture products designed for data centers in conjunction with department heads from the Operations, Execution, and Development departments.
  • Contribute to developing new technologies while in production, working with the technical core teams. Develop schematic and model drawings for devices and transfer them to elaborate designs.
  • Produce goods using the mechanical process to meet long-term goals.
  • Plan and prepare all forms of documentation, such as tasks notes, engineering reports designs, design documents, a review and analysis of total costs of ownership drawing markup, estimation timetable, and documentation for the commissioning process.

Eligible Requirements

To be eligible to be considered for the program, you must comply with the following criteria:

  • You must have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent functional knowledge.
  • Experience working with mission-critical facilities within the design/build process.
  • Expertise in the design and construction of industrial cooling systems and operation and commissioning.
  • Manufacturing experience setting and knowledge of HVAC manufacturing of equipment.
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4. Google Optics/Display Test Engineer, Consumer Hardware

Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China

The position of Google Optics or Display Test Engineer is among the top mechanical engineering internships you can benefit from if you’re lucky enough to get hired.

As Test engineers in this field, you’ll be working with engineers to explore Google’s huge codebase, find weak spots, and continually design new ways to make the software more difficult.

However, as a manufacturing test engineer, you’ll manage one of the primary measures of satisfaction with customers by working with your Central Test Engineering team.

Major Job Descriptions

The main job description for you includes the following:

    • Design, construct and test factory stations based upon show and optics.
    • Own test algorithms/display tests, research, statistical analyses of yield, parametric information, and GRR correlation, among other quality indicators. Make sure that test stations are implemented seamlessly. Stations and resolution to relevant issues, from proto-construction up to production.
    • Develop the functional specifications of the product in conjunction with engineers from the design and engineering teams.

Eligible Requirements

Note that to be considered for this internship position, you must meet the following qualifications and minimum requirements:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in production or equivalent experience.
  • Experience in optics or demonstrating metrology.
  • Experience with any of these languages: Python, MATLAB, C/Cand ++.
  • Two years of education in research or development for hardware components.
  • MS/Ph.D. in Engineering or a related field focusing on optics or Physics.
  • Expertise in software and mechanical components for testing station automation and development.


5. New Technology Investigation Engineer, Google Nest

Location: Mountain View, CA, USA

The Nest Hardware NTI team is conducting research, testing, and facilitating the development of new technologies for use in Nest products.

Nest NTI Nest NTI team, as part of the wider Nest Engineering company, is seeking to identify new functions or components and test systems to demonstrate their capabilities and develop ideas into products.

In this role, you’ll be an integral part of Nest Hardware’s Nest Hardware Engineering team, exploring new technologies and helping facilitate the development. You will work closely with the mechanical, electrical software, firmware, and testing groups.

It will permit the integration of multiple components into demonstrations of technology in practice and, eventually, into groundbreaking products.

Major Job Descriptions

Your primary responsibilities will consist of the following:

    • Accelerating targeted technological growth to guarantee the highest quality the research and development.
    • Prototyping exercises that guide cross-functionality and integration of devices for the upcoming technologies.
    • Measure and communicate the risks of the technology, its costs, advantages, and deadlines for creating the latest technologies.
    • Examine innovations to determine potential viability, the worth of the product maturity, scalability, and capital required.

Eligible Requirements

Additionally, to be eligible to be considered for this Google internship position, You must meet the following basic qualifications:

  • Master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering or Mechanics, Mechatronics Computer Science/Electrical Engineering, and related areas or equivalent professional work experience.
  • Five years of experience in the field of machine prototyping, incorporating hardware and software, and the growth of consumer electronics.
  • Experience in designing and implementing any of the following systems: microcontroller SoC sensors.
  • PCB Experience by incorporating PCB design, fabrication, and then bringing it up.


6. Hardware Engineering Intern, Spring or Summer 2022

Location: Xindian District, New Taipei City, Taiwan

This is among the most prestigious Mechanical Engineering internship jobs on Goggle, which you can get in if you’ve the required qualifications.

As a Hardware Intern, you’ll assist in the development of Google’s core Consumer Hardware Products. You’ll assist with designing, studying, and developing new technology as Mechanical Engineer.

To ensure that parts get through to completion, You can be in a manufacturing or product-oriented environment and collaborate with suppliers and other outside sources. Your other tasks will be based on the specific project which you’ll have to work on.

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Eligible Requirements

To be eligible for this job, you must satisfy the following conditions:

  • Knowledge in Hardware System Integration, Processor Design/Modeling, RF System Validation, Signal and Power Integrity, Wireless Communications or Product Design, Nice in ASIC Design, Audio, Camera, Computer Architecture, and Digital/Imaging Signal Processing.
  • A computer science degree in mechanical engineering, similar areas.
  • Experience with programming tools such as ADS, Ansys, Cadence, CST, MATLAB, or wireless/RF.
  • Experience in Acoustics, Antennas, Monitor, Testing of Design, Digital Design, Embedded Devices, Structural/Vibration/Design Mechanical Systems, Power Supply, RF/Wireless, Integrity of Signals, Production of Simulators or Measurement of System Performance.


7. Data Center Technician Intern, Summer 2022

Location: Changhua County Taiwan

Hardware Operations is responsible for managing, tracking, and implementing the latest physical infrastructure for Google’s robust technology for search.

Operations experts set up and manage Google’s advanced cloud for data centers and network technology.

Major Job Descriptions

The job descriptions for an intern at the Data Center include: Data Center Technician Intern include:

    • Contribute to updates, maintenance rolling outs, de coms, wiring, and more.
    • Find out the causes of system instability, report any problems, and work with remote teams to fix the issues.
    • Contribute to the design, repair, funding, and implementation of a new and existing project in the field of data center technology.
    • Set up and resolve Linux OS-based problems on our servers. Fix important or scalable technical issues.
    • Set up and resolve Linux OS-based issues on our servers. You can also resolve critical or complex technological issues for a large equipment community.

Eligible Requirements

To be considered to apply for the Google mechanical engineering intern You must

  • Complete a Bachelor’s program in mechanical engineering or another related engineering field.
  • Do you have a Network and Linux system to install expertise?
  • Have a solid understanding of hardware design and repair and maintenance knowledge.
  • Experience in networking, including topology as well as protocols.


8. Hardware Engineering Intern Platforms, Summer 2022

Location: Mountain View, CA, USA

This is yet another excellent Hardware Engineering intern platform for mechanical engineers. This internship allows you to join the Technical team to design and develop high-performance hardware solutions that bring capabilities to Google Product Areas. The job description you receive will depend on the specific project at the moment.

Eligible Requirements

Be aware that to be eligible to be a candidate for this internship, you must

  • You must be studying for a Master’s Degree focusing on Mechanical Engineering or a related field.
  • Electromigration simulation on interconnects for electronic packaging.
  • Experience a positive experience using C++, Python, or SystemVerilog/VHDL. Verilog.
  • Experience using Ansys FEA tool (workbench)l in thermomechanical simulation.
  • Have experience in teaching.


9. Google Mechanical Engineer, Devices & Services

Location: Mountain View, CA

This is another excellent job for an intern with Google for mechanical engineers. The position will allow you to the Google Central Test Engineering Team to assist in manufacturing test development.

You can also apply your knowledge of testing equipment, CAD electronic systems, electro-mechanical systems, and fabrication techniques to offer solutions to engineering issues. Furthermore, you’ll get the chance to establish how a test device right from the beginning.

Major Job Descriptions

Your responsibilities include:

    • Test product engineers participate in product testing for Google consumer electronics and hardware.
    • Design for manufacturability/assembly/test (DFx) analysis and design for cost (DFC) analyses for factory test platforms.
    • Make prototypes of fixtures for testing, develop simplified product-specific representations, and test 3D models of fixtures or product designs using CAD tools.

Eligible Requirements

To be eligible for this Google mechanical engineer jobs, you must:

  • It would help if you had a bachelor’s diploma with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering or a related engineering field.
  • You should be proficient in testing fixture design Assembly and development, system set-up, design validation, and troubleshooting.
  • Know how to use 3D CAD.
  • Learn how to troubleshoot, debug and correct failure analysis problems.


10. Mechanical Engineer, Data Centers

Location: Mumbai

This is among the most rewarding Google Mechanical engineering internship jobs you can get during the year of your engineering career.

This Google job ad is open to anyone that has the necessary skills, with no consideration of the color of your skin, ancestry, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, citizenship status, marital status, or gender identity, nor the status of a veteran.

Major Job Descriptions

Your main task is:

    • To manage power system issues during concept design.
    • Assist the core team in comprehending how to improve and develop the data center’s mechanical design.
    • Maintain and update the internal drawings, specifications, and standards to conform with the most recent designs, specifications, and standards.
    • Create mechanical systems to meet the needs of the future generation capable of achieving the company’s goal.

Eligible Requirements

To be eligible for this job To be eligible, you must meet the following requirements:

  • A Master’s or Professional Engineering (PE) degree is required for the most desirable and preferred qualifications.
  • You must have a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Have work experience in design
  • A good understanding of electrical systems and control systems.


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