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Marshall Scholarships was instituted in 1953 by the British Government 1953 to express gratitude towards America. The U.S. for aid under the Marshall Plan. Marshall Scholarships help Americans with exceptional potential to pursue a degree at a university in the United Kingdom. A maximum of fifty Scholars is chosen every year to pursue studies at the graduate level at a U.K. institute in any subject. Marshall Scholarships allow students from young Americans with exceptional potential to pursue an academic degree within The United Kingdom. The program can accommodate up to forty Scholars are chosen each year to follow two years, either at the undergraduate or graduate level at a U.K. university in any area of study.
The program allows Scholars who are likely leaders, opinion-forming agents and decision-makers within their country to develop an understanding of and appreciation for British values and the British lifestyle. It also creates lasting ties between the people from Britain in those of the United States. In selecting Scholars, the panel of selectors will search at the distinction in intelligence and character, as demonstrated by their academic achievements and their leadership and ambassadorial capabilities. As leaders of the future, who have a long-lasting knowledge of British society, Marshall Scholars strengthen the long-lasting relationship between the British and American peoples along with their respective governments and institutions. Marshall Scholars are skilled and independent, and their period as Scholars improves their knowledge and personal development. Their involvement with Britain through its top academic programs contributes to their overall success as individuals.
Two Year Marshall Scholarship Two year Marshall Scholarship is tenable for two academic years (i.e. 22 months). It can be comprised of two one-year courses at the participating higher education institutions in the United Kingdom.
Alongside the third-year funding that is provided through the Commission:

  • The University of Oxford could grant three extensions to those pursuing a doctorate at Oxford in the third year.
  • Up to third-year extensions can get granted through The Cambridge Trust to those pursuing an advanced doctorate in Cambridge University. 

One Year Marshall Scholarship One year Marshall Scholarship is tenable for one academic year (i.e. 12 months) and cannot be extended.
Subject: Unrestricted.
Note: Persons already studying for or possessing the British degree or equivalent degree are not eligible for a Marshall Scholarship.
Value: University fees, cost of living expenses, annual book grants, thesis grant research and daily travel grants including fares from and to within the United States and, where it is appropriate, a contribution for the care of a spouse who is dependent.
Award Number: Up to 50 Scholarships are given each year.

The Goals Of Marshall Scholarship

  • To encourage academic and personal fulfilment of every Scholar.
  • Help Scholars to gain an understanding of and appreciation for current Britain.
  • Contribute to the growth of technological knowledge in science, technology, the humanities, social sciences, and the creative arts in the world’s leading academic centres.
  • To motivate Scholars to be ambassadors for their home country of the USA for U.K. U.K. and vice versa all the time of their lives. This will help strengthen British American understanding.
  • To allow intellectually talented young Americans and their nation’s future leaders to attend a university in the U.K.

Marshall Scholarship

Eligibility for Marshall Scholarship

To be considered for the Marshall Scholarship in 2022, candidates must: Marshall Scholarship, candidates must:

  • Have to be residents of the United States of America (at the moment they apply for an award);
  • (by the time they pick up their Scholarship, i.e. September 2022) will have earned attained their (by the time they take up their university degree (by the time they take up their Scholarship) from a four-year accredited institution or university located in the United States;
  • They have earned an average grade that is lower than 3.7 on their undergraduate degree. (Applicants must be able to show a GPA that is 3.7 when they submit their applying).
  • They have graduated from their first college or university following April 1, 2019.
  • The user has not completed any studies or earned an academic degree or equivalent qualification from a British University.

Candidate Profile

  • Intelligence, motivation and a mature, mature character
  • Justification for your selected course for study in a particular school within the U.K.
  • The ability to be prepared for independent, rigorous graduate studies
  • Possibility of making a significant contribution to society and the field of study in which one is studying.
  • Shows leadership and involvement in the community that demonstrates self-awareness, courage and determination, innovation, and the capability to produce results
  • The desire to be a U.S. ambassador for culture in U.K. U.K. and to understand the “special relationship” between the U.K. and U.S.

Applications: Applications are made in one of eight regions within the United States. Candidates may apply in one Region only – either that they have their permanent home address or ordinary place of residence/employment, or that in which they are studying.
Check Out the Eight Region

Before you Apply for Marshall Scholarship

  • Review the Rules for Applicants carefully. Examine the goals for the Marshall Scholarship Programme
  • Examine your assessment criteria. It is essential to understand that the Selection Committees seek candidates with the potential to be outstanding in their academic careers as leaders and contribute to a better understanding between the United States and Britain.
  • Check out the details on the Marshall Partnership Scholarships.

The Process

Candidates fill out the application and then submit it via this system. When they offer it to their Institution of choice, The Institution will verify that it’s completed and then decide whether or not to approve the application. When they choose to endorse the application, Institution chooses to accept the application. They’ll include the endorsement letter and then send it and to the relevant regional committee. Therefore, candidates should contact the appropriate person within their Institution if contemplating applying for the Marshall Scholarship.

Degrees that the Marshall Scholarship does not cover:

  • 2nd Degrees: B.A./BSc (undergraduate) Degrees
  • MBA (any college)
  • MPhil Development Studies (University of Oxford)
  • MSc/MFE Finance Economic (any university)
  • Master’s degree Global Health Science and Epidemiology (University of Oxford)
  • Master’s Degree International Health and Tropical Medicine (University of Oxford)
  • Masters in of Law and Finance (University of Oxford)
  • MPP (Public Policy) (University of Oxford)
  • Professional qualifications in dentistry, medicine, the law of veterinary science, and law (these degrees usually take five years to be completed)
  • Degrees that require a long absence from either the university or the U.K. and include co-degrees with Universities that are not located in the UK
  • Masters degrees that last either 15 or 28 months in length.
  • PGDip/Certificates for any area
  • Distance Learning Degrees
  • Courses begin in January.
  • Research conducted by supervising researchers does not lead to an award of a degree
  • One-year Marshall Scholarship candidates must be in the process of completing degrees that have a duration of 12 months. Courses running for ten or fewer months or where the procedure is completed before August will not be covered under the one-year Scholarship. Check the websites of your university carefully to find out the duration and duration of the course in a month. The university cannot make exceptions to this policy.
  • There is no way to complete a Masters lasting more than 12 months within your second year on the Scholarship.

Your Complete Application

Candidates may apply in one Region only – either that they have their permanent home address or ordinary place of residence/employment, or that in which they are studying. Candidates who apply to more than one Region will be rejected.
Candidates can apply for the one or two-year Scholarship, but only, not both. Candidates who apply for both will be automatically eliminated.
Candidates are required to submit their applications via the online form that is provided. The application must be approved by the Provost, President of the Academic Dean at the applicant’s U.S. education college institution. In addition, the online application has to be submitted and approved by an authorized staff member at the applicant’s Institution of study. Note that approval must be sought to be confirmed by the graduate school you attended.
An endorsing institution cannot make more than applications in total. There is no limit on the number of applications that can be made available to each Region, but the total amount of applications an institution is allowed to approve is limited to 24.
N.B. Your Institution might have earlier deadlines to submit your applications. If that is the case, you have to submit your application on time to allow your Institution.
Every applicant must submit their application no after five p.m. within the local timezone where your Institution of endorsement is located on September 29 2021. The application will be reviewed by the Institution you have chosen to endorse to be submitted. The application cannot be modified make to your application until the date.
The final acceptance of your application, including three letters of recommendation and endorsement letters, must be made online by the Institution endorsing the application and then received by the regional centre not after five p.m. according to the time zone in which your Institution that you support is located on September 30 2021.
You’ll be able to keep track of and track the progress of your application on the internet.
Closing date: (For receipt of applications in the appropriate regional centre in the U.S.) late September/early October of the year preceding tenure.
For inquiries:
Via Email –  [email protected]
Official Website –

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