Apply Now: NPC Recruitment 2023 with Step by Step Guide

NPC Recruitment 2023

The National Population Commission (NPC) invites eligible candidates to apply for Adhoc staff positions in the 2023 Population and Housing Census. The NPC Recruitment is open to all applicant from Nigeria. JOB DESCRIPTION – AVAILABLE CATEGORIES 1. ENUMERATORS ENUMERATORS JOB DESCRIPTION ENUMERATOR JOB REQUIREMENT 2. CENSUS FACILITATORS AND TRAINERS CENSUS FACILITATORS AND TRAINER’S JOB REQUIREMENTS. … Read more

Mechatronics Engineer Salary, Jobs, Degree (Full Career Guide 2022)

mechatronics engineer salary.jpg

Modern technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity 5G and optical engineering, and robotics play an increasing part in our modern society. As we progress in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the demand for mechatronics engineers is rising, and it is an excellent option for technical individuals. In this article we would enlighten you on mechatronics … Read more

Is Civil Engineering Hard [Detailed Career Guide]

is civil engineering hard

You’ve taken the next step by enrolling in college. However, selecting the right degree isn’t easy since there are many options. After a lot of research, you’ve found civil engineering. It’s a career you are interested in, looks like a steady career, and has excellent earning potential. One thing that holds you back Which is … Read more

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