Apply Now: Top Escoffier Scholarship in 2022

Apply Now: Top Escoffier Scholarship in 2022

Many Culinary scholarships are available to students all over the United States. If you’re considering pursuing an undergraduate qualification in Culinary Arts, you should be sure to take advantage of the Culinary Arts Scholarship and Culinary art grants. The benefit is that there’s a wide variety of scholarships in culinary school as well as other funding options … Read more

APPLY NOW: Online Schools That Offer Scholarships In 2022

Online Schools That Offer Scholarships

Colleges in the U.S. increasingly offer online programs that meet the demands of distant learners. With advantages such as flexible schedules, online courses are an excellent learning option for students with work and family commitments. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, More than three-quarters of all students took part in at least one … Read more

APPLY NOW: Glo Harmony Scholarship 2022

glo harmony scholarship

Applicants are invited to apply to this Glo Harmony scholarship. A student from developing nations and  is qualified to apply for this scholarship in Korea. The scholarship for undergraduates that is fully funded in South Korea and provided by Seoul university. It is also a scholarship for international students in Korea Seoul National University in South Korea … Read more

Apply Now: Moe Pre University Scholarship 2022

moe pre university scholarship (1)

The Ministry of Education is providing the Moe pre university scholarship. to Singaporean students. The scholarships are offered to students who want to pursue English Language and Linguistics, Humanities, and the demanding music and Art program at H2 and H3 levels. The Ministry of Education aims to assist students in discovering their unique talents, enabling … Read more

APPLY NOW: US Bank Scholarship Program for Students 2022

US Bank Scholarship Program for Students

The US Bank Scholarship Program for Students 2022 is currently available to students who are eligible for application. The U.S. Bank believes that financial education is essential to financial independence and tranquility. The U.S. Bank, Financial Genius, provides resources and tools to assist you in making better financial choices and planning for an improved future. … Read more

Study Abroad On Scholarship – Fully Funded Scholarships Across Europe

Study Abroad On Scholarship

Are you interested in studying abroad on scholarship? Do you have a preferred study destination? There are multiple international scholarships for you to study in any country of choice or just about anywhere. There are numerous scholarships funded by NGOs, Government, private bodies, and awarding institutions, especially in developed countries. Governments of many developed countries have taken the responsibility … Read more

Apply Now: Chamberlain Scholarship For School Of Nursing 2022

Chamberlain Scholarship

Chamberlain University is a healthcare and nursing school in the United States. It provides on-campus and online nursing programs for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Furthermore, Chamberlain University has two colleges: its College of Nursing and Health Care Professionals. To provide excellent medical care through an outstanding nurse, Chamberlain College of Nursing is now a … Read more

Top Scholarship To Study Nursing In USA In 2022

Top 10 Scholarship To Study Nursing In USA

Scholarship to study nursing in USA are available at different levels of study and are provided by various schools and universities. Nursing, a field reminiscent of Florence Nightingale, is one of the most prestigious professions around the globe. If you are considering nursing schools, There are a lot of issues to be considered. How do … Read more

Apply Now: Harvard MBA Scholarship 2022

Harvard MBA Scholarship

The Harvard MBA Scholarship is awarded based on financial need. They do not offer merit-based scholarships. The University does not accept students based on their ability to pay tuition but rather on their accomplishments and other talents. The Harvard MBA Scholarship Program receives approximately $33.3m annually. Harvard University MBA Scholarship for International Students is a … Read more

Apply Now: BUTEX Scholarship Program 2022


What is the BUTEX Scholarship Program? BUTEX scholarship offers various scholarships each year to international students studying for a semester or an entire academic year. These scholarships are available to both inbound students who study at a BUTEX member institution or outbound students who study at member institutions. What is BUTEX? British Universities Transnational Exchange membership organization has … Read more

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