I read for long hours but the book doesn’t enter my brain. This is the complaint I have been receiving from students lately. So many students are facing this challenge. If this is your problem, continue reading because it will be fully addressed in this article.

Now, It is one thing to study for long hours without losing concentration while it is another thing to remember and understand what you have read.

The only thing that makes reading for long hours sweet is when you remember everything in the exam hall. For every positive input, there should be a multiplied positive output.

At this point, a very good question comes to mind, what should I do when I study hard but the book doesn’t seem to stick to my brain? Let’t take the solutions one after the other.

How To Make The Book Enter Your Brain (10 Panacea)

1. Check What Enters Your Brain:

According to Newton’s third law of motion, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. That is to say, actions and reactions are equal and opposite.

You may be asking, how does this change the price of garri in the market or solve my problem? It does. If book is not entering your brain, then something else is entering. That is the reaction I am talking about here.

Having so many things on your mind while reading can really affect your power of assimilation. If there are issues that need to be resolved, do that before picking a book to read. It could be worries, happiness, depression, and so on.

I have noticed that most persons who complain that to me that book doesn’t enter their brains have five things in common viz:

  • Strong passion for something else, e.g music and dance.
  • Emotional challenges ranging from heart break to neck break.
  • Grudges in their heart or too much joy.
  • Have many tasks at hand (i.e combining studies and other things).
  • They are not properly informed about what they are studying.

If any of the above is in your brain, there is a chance that book will refuse to enter. Try to put them aside and face your book. Few hours of reading with focus can help you understand and remember. Take it easy, it is not by duration but by donation.

2. Relax Your Brain A Little:

You can’t eat your cake and expect to have it. It is imperative you relax your brain after daily activities. The more you stress yourself, the more your brain gets weak at that instant of time. Do not do study in that situation. Relax your brain a little.

You can now pick a book to study after much much relaxation or sleep. This will help you retain content in your brain. Also, it is advisable you relax your brain at intervals when you are studying for long hours

How long do I need to relax my brain before I begin to study? It is actually relative and varies for individuals. Telling yourself the trust is honesty but telling others is integrity. It is the truth you tell yourself that determines your freedom. You alone knows when you are fit to continue study.

3. Experiment With Your Brain:

The best way to discover and maximize your potentials is by experimenting with different life situations. For some, they understand during the day, for others it is during the night. Some students like to study in noisy environment while others like to study in the library.

There is no best environment or weather to study. Experiment with all possible situations and see how many of them works for you. This is what we call permutation and combination in mathematics.

In addition, it is good you have the habit of discernment. Check what you do that affects your power of comprehension. Someone complained that masturbation makes him lose the imaginative and retentive power. For you, it may be a particular association or something else. Remember, the unexamined life is not worth living (Socrates).

4. Check Your Use of Earpiece or HeadSet:

Is it bad to use earpiece when reading? Absolutely no.

However, using earpiece/headset while studying can concentrate noise in your earlier. This will send signal of confusion to your brain and ultimately make what you are reading not to enter your brain. This is especially true when you are reading non-calculation courses.

For calculation courses (e.g mathematics and Physics), using earpiece might be helpful. It all depends on you and what works best for you .

5. Love The Book:

Don’t get it twisted, love is a beautiful thing. It is either you fall in love or fall into trouble. What you love will always be attracted by you.

No matter how you try to paint it, the fact remains that the books you love tend to enter your brain easily. You will always struggle with the courses or subjects you don’t like.

6. Review How You Read:

So long the earth remains, your habits will always determine your habitat. The way you read will determine whether the book will enter your brain or the brain of someone else.

The following reading pattern should be discouraged:

  • Reading and chatting on social networks.
  • Reading and discussing with someone else.
  • Forcing yourself to study.
  • Studying in an environment not conducive for you.
  • Other bad reading habits best known to you.

You may want to embrace the following reading style to make what you study stick to your brain.

  • Reading with a serious friend and explaining to each other.
  • Forming a reading/discussion group.
  • Meeting someone to explain the areas that refuse to “enter your brain”.
  • Reading with full concentration.
  • Having background Idea of what you are reading.

The whole idea is to ensure that you are applying the reading style that works best for you. Remember, it is your attitude that determines your altitude.

7. Be A Good Student:

When you read, there are many things that will not enter your brain as a bad student.

You need to be a good student to get certain rhema stick to your brain.

8. Be Yourself And Appreciate Your Brain:

After joining Engineering, I so much appreciate my brain which is divided into the right and left. In the right, nothing is left while in the left, nothing is right. This is on a light mood.

Now, let’s get serious. When was the last time someone told you that your are different from others? Be careful of unhealthy comparison. According to Joshua Abuwa, life is not to compete but to complete.

Appreciate your brain and give it what it needs for optimal performance. Remember, brain can neither be created nor destroy, but giving enjoyment to the brain cells that make you a better person.

9. Don’t Please Everyone:

I have said this before, and I will say it again. The best way to please nobody is to please everybody. When you directly please everyone, you are indirectly pleasing no one. Don’t harm yourself by making other happy.

Do not let anyone make you to do what will affect your study life. It is better they hate you and you finally succeed than for you to be liked as a failure.

No wonder Muammadu Buhari made a statement, “I belong to everybody and I belong to nobody”.

10. You Need A Mentor:

A mentor sets you free from tormentors. Meet someone who you want to be like and who has solution to your problem and look up to him.

You need a mentor to go far. If you do not have someone you look up to, you will look down on everybody.

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