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While most people enroll in undergraduate programs that offer greater earning potential, there are plenty of medical certificate programs that are quick and easy to obtain. They will pay well for 2022 and beyond.

The majority of these programs require between 3 to 15 months to finish. If you are looking at earnings potential, you can earn between $25,000 to $75,000 per year, depending on the program you choose to use and your experience level.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Medical careers are in high demand, and job growth rates continue to increase more quickly than in other areas.

While most applications are found in medical certificate programs like medical billing, medical assistant, dental assistant, and medical Coding, there are certificates for medical professionals that are paid handsomely and worth your time.

In this review, we’ve carefully curated one of the most prestigious medical certificate programs that are easy to obtain.

What Are Medical Certificate Programs?

Medical certification is evidence that you have proven to an expert medical accreditation board proficient in the topic of your chosen specialty with the highest ability.

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Additionally, the certification proves that you belong to an exclusive group of highly regarded physicians that have met stringent requirements for medical knowledge and ethics as set out by the organization that issues the certification.

It further states that the medical practitioner complies with an organization’s requirements to show compassion in a particular aspect of the medical profession.

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Why Choose Medical Certificate Programs?

Here are some benefits of completing a medical certificate program:

  • You can earn a certificate within only a few months.
  • Enrolling in a fast medical certification program is cheaper than enrolling in an education.
  • Certification can enhance your capabilities and skills and help your name stand out in your job search.

What Are the Benefits of Medical Certificate Programs

Every company is expected to look at certifications when employing employees. It is used to verify the level of expertise and knowledge gained.

It also shows dedication and determination to expand the boundaries of one’s home and expand.

Here are some benefits of medical certificates for medical programs.

  • Validation of knowledge
  • More marketability
  • Gains in earning power
  • Higher academic performance
  • Better reputation
  • Greater credibility
  • More confidence
  • Respect from your peers

Top Easy Medical Certificate Programs in 2022

Easy Medical Certificate Programs

The industry of healthcare is expanding quickly, which is creating jobs in a variety of Health professions.

A lot of employers prefer employees to be certified. The certification signifies that you have met the requirements of a certain level of competence and could provide you with a competitive edge in terms of job opportunities, a greater pay scale, and employment security.

To help you, Below are easy easiest healthcare certification which includes medical assistant certificate program and many more:

1. Surgical Technologist

Certification: Approximately 14-17 months

Surgery is one of the most popular and adrenaline-fuelled career choices in hospital operating rooms, emergency departments, and ambulatory health centers. Surgical technologists play an essential part in the team who work in operating rooms assisting the patient and the medical team (especially Anesthesiologists, nurses, and surgeons).

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It is feasible for you to become an accredited surgery tech in just one year of the training program. Students can expect to master everything from preparing surgical instruments to ensuring an environment that is clean and ready for surgery and the post-operative and pre-operative treatment.

2. Medical Assistant

Certification: Between 9 and 12 months

A medical assistant certification programs may be the right choice if you’re searching for work that gives you diversity. M.A.s that have medical assistant certificate generally can work in various locations, from a busy medical facility to a tiny podiatrist’s practice.

M.A.s are in charge of administrative and clinical duties. Training covers diagnostics and laboratory techniques methods in addition to the office’s practices, confidentiality for patients, and record keeping.

3. Neurodiagnostic Technologist (NDT)

Certification: 12-18 months

If you’re interested in the concept of studying the normal and abnormal electrical activity in the body, then a career in neurophysiology may be the perfect fit for you.

In the NDT course, students learn about the nervous system’s and brain’s electrical activity. They’re trained to document and review the results with their acting medical professional. In addition to EEGs (electroencephalography), future NDTs might practice nerve condition studies and polysomnography (otherwise known as sleep studies).

4. Dental Assistant

Certification: Approximately One year

Dental assistants work under the direction of a certified dentist to complete administrative tasks, such as scheduling appointments and managing the billing.

If a dentist performs an operation, the dental assistants are at hand to help pass the instruments, assist dentists in extractions, or take images. In only one year, you’ll be able to get a dental certificate that’s nationally recognized.

5. Phlebotomy Technician

Certification: Approximately 2-6 months
Certification time: 2 to 6 months

Some people can’t stand looking at blood, while others don’t know enough interesting information regarding the bloody liquid that flows throughout our veins. Phlebotomy technicians (also called phlebotomists) take blood samples from patients and then send the blood to labs to be processed.

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Phlebotomy certifications are available within a matter of weeks. When a patient’s blood sample is taken, it is the phlebotomist’s job to prepare it for laboratory tests. A Phlebotomy education course is predominantly hands-on, and certified professionals typically use the job as a transitional into other professions.

6. Pharmacy Technician

Certification: 9 months or less

You’ll likely encounter pharmacist techs when you go to the local drugstore. These health specialists work under a pharmacist’s oversight to fill prescriptions, take inventory and interact with patients and insurance companies.

To become an accredited pharmacy technician Training for a pharmacy technician lasts for about three months; however, there’s plenty to cover during this period. Students will learn about the dosage and classification of drugs and the terminology used in pharmaceuticals and management.

7. Certified Cardiac Monitor Technician

Certification takes about three months.

Suppose you’re looking for an even more specific job. You can take a simple path into cardiology as a heart monitor tech. As a technician under the direction of cardiologists and physicians, they utilize electrocardiogram (EKG) machines to test for heart conditions such as congenital disabilities or diseases.

When they complete their speedy certification course, technicians who work with cardiac monitors must learn about EKGs and stress tests, ambulatory monitoring, and interpreting the results. Alongside short courses, many technical schools have flexible schedules, which gives many students to work or take care of their families while studying.

8. Medical Billing and Coding Specialist

Certification takes between 4 and 9 months.

Incorrect billing and insurance are a major cause of hospitalization patients, the hospitals, and insurance companies large amounts of money, particularly when an error causes an unintentional penalty or mistaken diagnosis. To prevent incorrect (and costly) expenses, medical billers and coders ensure that insurance and healthcare bills are handled correctly by using industry-specific codes to convey processes.

It’s not a long time for anyone for you to become an accredited healthcare professional for billing and code; however, the work requires a lot of effort.

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Nowadays, there is a demand for the finest minds and hands to work in the field at all levels of health care. In light of this, looking for relevant medical certifications is essential, and taking advantage of every opportunity, you can. Remember that experience is the best-selling tool.

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