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Should men shave their armpits, or should they leave it au naturel? We’re breaking down the shaving armpit hair debate to help you make a decision that works for you.

Summer is right here, and it’s the most effective time of the year to reduce your hair brief as well as shave your beard, but what about those wild hairs jabbing out from your armpits? It’s container top season, so you might notice your underarm hair is a lot more on display than expected; however, what do you do about it? Is it manly to have a full mane under your arm? Readers voted, and the answer was clear: Yes, guys need to cut their underarms—a minimum of in some cases.

Less than a years ago, asking the concern, “Should men cut their underarms?,” possibly would have been met blank stares. Individuals? Cut their underarms? Why would they do such a thing? Just females cut their underarm hair.

Not any longer, gentlemen. As it turns out, there are many benefits to rocking a smoother underarm. Whether you wish to have a fresher post-gym scent or prefer a hairless appearance, choosing to cut or shave your underarm hair can be a total game-changer.

Your underarm has a lot of apocrine glands, which generate sweat. This sweat comprises steroids, lipids, healthy proteins, and other chemicals that connect “information.”.

Reasons for Shaving Armpit Hair

As a clean guy, you’re possibly no stranger to man-scaping. Perhaps you’ve cut your chest hair and even messed around with cutting below the belt. Why not your underarms as well?


Men Shaving ArmpitIf you’re trying to find a justification to broaden your collection of men’s grooming items, look no further than your hairy armpits. Why should males shave their underarms? We can offer at least three great reasons.

Less Smell/Odor

Armpits have an odour. We know, stunning discovery, right? Although underarm hair does not stink, it can develop a suitable atmosphere for odour-causing microorganisms to breed and increase. By getting rid of the hair under your arms, you can reduce the variety of odour-causing bacteria and smell better.

Much Better Performance

Cristiano Ronaldo, Michael Phelps, and other professional athletes allow supporters of the hairless appearance. Why is that? One reason is that body hair can be a significant pain (think: heat breakout and chafing), injuring their sports performance. Some professional athletes merely favour the shaved look since it stresses their muscle mass definition.

Aesthetic Purposes

If you have gotten to the point where you can braid your armpit hair, you might most definitely gain from trimming or shaving your underarm hair. Sure, some girls are most likely around who delight in a hairy guy. However, they do not wish to date a guy who resembles anything near a sasquatch or a yeti.

Reasons Against Shaving Armpit Hair

Armpit hair isn’t all bad news, bears. There are valid factors for wishing to cut it off, and there are likewise plenty of excellent reasons to keep your underarm hair.

Skin Irritation

If you thought that razor bumps and razor shed were annoying on your face, wait until you experience red, scratchy underarms triggered by cut irritability. Of course, many of these skin concerns can be prevented with high-quality shaving items and proper strategy (a lot more on this is listed below); however, it’s something to think about before going hairless under the arms.

Some Women Dig It

It’s a clinical fact that men were blessed with poignant armpits and that females were blessed– or cursed, instead– with solid olfactory systems to ferret out prospective companions. Your armpit hair essentially functions as a scent diffuser, spreading your musky scent to females. Approved, not every woman is most likely to find your aroma attractive. Proceed with caution, individuals.

Socially Acceptable

Let’s face it, males having underarm hair isn’t controversial in the least. Unlike having unmanageable back hair, no one is going to bat an eye if you turn up to the beach with tufts of hair under your arms. Since it’s socially acceptable to sporting activity underarm hair, why not take a suggestion from The Beatles and also allow it to be?

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How to Properly Shave Your Armpits 

Are you thinking of shaving your underarms? There is an ideal way and a lot of upside-down to deal with doing it. To make sure a smooth, pain-free cut, here’s how to cut your underarm hair like a pro.

Woman Shaving ArmpitTrim Your Armpit Hair First

If you have never cut your underarms previously, possibilities are you’ll require to trim those patches down for the most convenient and also most relaxed cut. It’ll also make less of a mess in the shower (since nothing is worse than a stopped up drainpipe full of man-hair). And also, an excellent ole-fashion trim may be all you need, yet if you’re searching for a full cut, comply with listed below:

Prepare the Skin

First, hop in the shower and obtain every little thing clean and damp. You do not require to exfoliate your armpits each time, yet it can assist remove dead skin cells for a more detailed, smoother shave.

Choose the Right Razor

Guys, stay clear of utilizing a multi-blade razor on your underarms! It’s a one-way ticket to Razor Burn City (population: you). Instead, use a premium safety razor with a solitary blade. You’ll obtain a much closer and also more comfy shave this way. Additionally, the edge is sharp, and cutting with a blade is no Bueno.

Apply Shave Cream

Lube your underarms with a premium shave lotion to aid your razor move without hitting any grabs. Tip: Choose a clear shave cream so you can see what you’re doing.

Start Shaving

Underarm hair expands in all various directions. For the best results, be sure to cut up, down and side-to-side.


After you’re finished shaving, carefully pat your armpits dry and also follow up with a beneficial moisturizer to minimize inflammation and inflammation.

Five pointers to grooming your underarm hair quickly

Trim Your Armpit Hair First

If you’ve never shaved your underarms previously, possibilities are you’ll require to trim those spots down for the simplest as well as most comfy shave. It’ll make less of a mess in the shower, too (because absolutely nothing is even worse than a blocked drain packed with man-hair).

Exfoliate Your Under Arms before Cutting.

Sure, you don’t have to exfoliate, yet you must prevent pesky, unpleasant ingrown hairs. A loofah or exfoliating body scrub will undoubtedly suffice to remove dead skin cells and germs (along with any deodorant substance) to assist you in achieving the smoothest shave without razor burn.

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Cut Your Underarms Wet in the Shower.

You can cut it completely dry, yet Whitely recommends doing it in the shower. He says that warm water softens the hair and minimizes the threat of drawn hair or nicks. Shave in the direction of the end of your time in the shower and make use of cutting gel for included moisture to prevent irritability.

Shave Slow and With a Great Razor.

It’s not a race, people. To avoid razor melt as well as skin irritability, take it slow with your razor blade to make sure you get the closest cut. Unlike the hair on your face, underarm hair grows in all various instructions, so see to it to shave sidewards, as well top-to-bottom. Toss your old plain razor, and select one with a sharp blade and a rotating head to relocate with the contours of your underarms for a more effective, less complicated shave.

Utilize an Aftershave Balm.

After trimming, make use of an odourless cut balm. (Ensure it’s not alcohol-based, given that underarm skin is sensitive.) Wait for 2 to 3 minutes before you use a moisturizing antiperspirant.

FAQ regarding shaving armpits

Should Guys Shave Their Armpits: Some will even ask is it normal for guys to shave their armpits. The answer is straightforward – Yes, men should shave their armpits

Does Shaving Armpit Hair reduce Sweating: Yes: Cutting your armpits might cause less sweating or a minimum of less recognizable sweating (sweat rings on your t-shirt sleeves, for instance). Cutting may also reduce the smell related to sweat.

Why does my armpit itch after shaving: Some people experience itching/hurt after shaving armpit due to the shaving tool use, most especially you experience these when you use a dull blade. In case you experience armpit itch after shaving try use Aloe Vera has it’s known for soothing and healing burns.

Is it idea for woman shaving armpit with razor: Yes even though there are better Shaving tools for woman to use. But Don’t use a dull razor. Cutting with a dull razor blade increases the likelihood of razor melt and might bring about infections, in-grown hair, or razor burns.

Does women like men shaving armpit: Your armpit hair essentially functions as a scent diffuser, spreading your musky scent to females. Not every woman is most likely to find your aroma attractive.

Is Shaving your Arms Bad: No, it depends on you.


To summarize: Should women or men cut their underarm hair? Eventually, it depends on you. There’s no real damage in shaving your armpits. If you choose to go hairless under your armpits, make sure to get the ideal grooming items for the work!

We will love to here from you, feel free to comment below on what you think about Shaving Armpit Hairs.

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